Are they real?

Because of my experience, I have followed the subject of UFOs, aliens, and alien abductions through just about every medium available to me, on the Internet, books, videos, various fringe publications, and personal accounts.

I’ve read about thousands of sightings, encounters, and abductions, and seen many photographs, but never have I come across any that really match my own experience.

However, I have seen enough commonalities in various accounts to have come to the conclusion that there is something real about the UFO and alien phenomena, and that it is actually a multitude of phenomena and complex in it’s nature.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we have visitors not only from other worlds around other star systems, but also from other times and other planes of existence.

I am also convinced that there are multiple technologies for travel between star systems and through time. The most common one seems to involve some bizarre aspects of electromagnetism, particularly opposing magnetic fields, opposing electrostatic fields, or some complex arrangement of both. Diamagnetic materials seem to be commonly involved.

For example, in my experience, there is this glass tube around the inner circumference of the craft that appears to be filled with mercury. Mercury is a highly diamagnetic material. Then there was the incident of Art’s Parts, metal fragments sent to Art Bell, the former host of a national talk show that deals with the paranormal, now mainly hosted by George Norey although Art Bell still covers the weekend shows. These parts consisted of alternating layers of bismuth, 100-200 microns in thickness with layers of magnesium, approximately 3-4 microns in thickness. There were twenty five layers. A more complete description can be found here. Bismuth is also a highly diamagnetic material. Then there is the gravity shielding effect discovered by the Russian scientist Eugene Podkelnov while working in Tampere Finland. While not an alien technology, it does involve the most diamagnetic material know, a superconductor.

Having followed many fringe science areas, free energy, anti-gravity, time travel, those areas, many of the devices that allege to produce free energy or affect gravity or time, often involve opposing magnetic fields or interesting and strange configurations of electromagnetic or electrostatic fields.

One person that I have been in contact with in the past is Stan Deyo. Stan Deyo has appeared as a guest on Art Bells Coast to Coast radio program many times, but I had talked to him early on when he was still in Australia. He had been experimenting with a particular coil device that had created some very bizarre effects. At the time I was talking to him, he had put the experiments on hold because initial experiments had resulted in people in the room becoming sick and he was afraid of potential health risks.

After this time frame Stan became obsessed with earth changes and religious convictions and I didn’t talk to him further. Art Bell continued to have him on as a guest however, where Stan made earthquake predictions based upon thermal anomalies in the earth’s oceans, preached of end-of-the-world scenarios, etc. Stan had originally fled the United States and went public after it became apparent to him that after working on secret government black projects, he was going to disappear. After a number of years in Australia, he returned to the United States.

When I talked to him about his experiments with the coils, Stan had no understanding of why they did what they did, but he had also made the connection with respect to opposing magnetic fields and made an interesting analogy. His analogy was this, if you have two freight trains on the same track headed towards each other, each moving at 100 miles per hour, the sum of their velocities is zero, but when they collide all the kinetic energy is still there. What happens to the energy put into creating the fields?

If you had two perfect lasers, absolutely monochromatic light (no such laser exists, all lasers have some noise component and thus frequencies outside of their center frequency), and you shine one laser at a perfectly flat wall, you would see a spot of light. Now shine a second laser of exactly the same wavelength in phase with the first and the spot gets twice as bright. So far so good. Now, move that second laser half a wavelength back so that it is 180 degrees out of phase with the first laser when it’s beam hits the wall. Now you’ve got no spot. Where did that energy go to?

One of the interesting aspects of this is that if you have two lasers hit the wall at slightly different angles, out of phase so no apparent light signal is present at the wall, the two beams will still reflect and exist after the reflection as if they had never interacted.

One of the things I had speculated on is that if you have opposing fields and they can not move in the physical dimensions, perhaps they move in the temporal dimension and this might be the basis for some of these strange effects and perhaps somehow this effect can be harnessed for time or gravity manipulation.

This technology, whatever it is, also seems to effect electricity. Frequently it is reported that a UFO passing over a car will cause it’s engine to stall, lights to go out, radio to stop working. Aircraft approaching UFOs report problems with their instruments. The interesting thing is whatever this effect is, when the UFO leaves, the instruments or car or whatever return to normal functioning. It doesn’t appear to do permanent damage. It’s as if whatever field they produce just stops electrons from traveling in conductors.

There seems to be at least some physical evidence for a technology that involves magnetism or diamagnetic materials. Then there seems to be others involving high frequency (microwave frequency) electrostatic fields, I am not entirely sure the application involving microwave electrostatics isn’t an offshoot of the technology involving diamagnetism.

Still another technology involving resonances in the audible frequency range is employed by a group of aliens referred to as the Pleiadians. The latter is most interesting in that it really seems to have some spiritual aspects, the ships and their occupants leave the material world here and re-materialize at their destination, and their destination seems to be driven by thought or will, not by any physical method. This technology appears to have no physical bounds, travel between galaxies or even between different planes of existence appears to be possible via this mode.

This mode reminds me a lot of lucid dreams or waking out of body experiences that I have had. In that state, I can go anywhere just by thinking about it, almost instantaneously. At least in terms of relatively short distances, to the moon, mars, it is instantaneous. To go further, say 40,000 light-years away, takes longer, subjectively would say maybe ten or fifteen seconds. Time travel also takes time like this. I know that sounds silly but subjectively traveling in time in this mode also seems to involve a delay.

This technology involving resonances, it is also possible to find descriptions of people here on earth that can levitate things with sound. In the descriptions, large blocks of stone are levitated. In the laboratory, scientists have just recently been able to levitate small objects acoustically. I think this is a technology that quite possibly other civilizations, that existed prior to ours on this planet, had developed and evolved just as we have developed applications using electricity. In terms of acoustical technology, I think we’re still at the point of putting two dissimilar pieces of metal together and touching the muscle in a dissected frogs leg.

At any rate, similarities between descriptions of aliens, their ships, etc, lead me to believe we are probably being visited by at least three groups, the “grays”, which like to abduct people and seem to have an anal fixation, the Pleiadians which would appear to be highly spiritual and altruistic in nature, the beings that I encountered (I haven’t got a name for them), and a group that appears reptilian or insect like, that would appear to have some association with the grays.

Between my own experience and the commonalities of others reports, it seems likely to me that these groups at least are real. In a future post I will speculate a bit with respect to their possible agendas. I also believe there may be other groups that visit us less frequently. I will talk about those more in the future as well.

UFO Encounter

I used to have a bedroom in the basement of my parents house, the rest of the family slept upstairs. There was a door leaving the basement so I could leave the house without coming upstairs.

I went to an elementary school about six blocks away. To the south of the school there was a large area surrounded by woods except for the fence and playground of the school to the north. The area was mostly bare, high clay content, not much in the way of soil, just exposed clay.

I need to preface this by saying I don’t know how much of this is a dream and how much was real, but there was physical evidence that I went somewhere which I will elaborate on later.

One night I found myself compelled to leave the house at 4 AM, and for some reason the idea of getting dressed and getting shoes on didn’t occur to me. I left the basement in my pajamas and barefoot and walked down to this clearing which was about four blocks away.

In the clearing there was a landed saucer. It looked similar to this one:

This is Bob Lazar’s reproduction of what he called the “Sports Model” that he supposedly examined at area 51. This is not exactly like I saw but was one of the closest I was able to find on the net. The craft that I saw didn’t have the pronounced hump on top, it was more like a straight slope.

The craft had a opening with a ramp down to the ground. I couldn’t see anything inside the door from where I was.

For some reason, I had it in my mind that aliens had left the craft to explore the surrounding area and I had it in mind to enter it and see if I could figure out how to take off and steal their craft. Silly, I know but then I was ten years old and not in a normal state of mind.

As I approached the ramp, I saw a being on the left side of the entrance looking out at me. I was frightened at first, but then he motioned me in with a hand motion, like a human would motion. I refer to him as ‘he’ but in truth I don’t know what sex it was or if their race even has sexes.

I thought this was an opportunity of a lifetime, and if he wanted to take me forcibly he would anyway so there wasn’t anything to be gained by not entering, so I did.

Inside the craft was bare. No compartmentalization, just one big room. I’d guess it was around 25 feet in diameter. There was something that resembled a lectern, I don’t know what it’s function was, but that was the only thing that resembled furniture. No chairs, no visible storage facilities, no restroom facilities, no sleeping facilities, etc.

From this I concluded that this craft was intended for very short duration trips, much like an automobile. Either it was capable of traveling vast distances nearly instantaneously, or it was a shuttle of sorts and there was a mother ship nearby. I don’t have anyway of knowing which but I had the feeling the first situation is most likely.

Other than the lectern like piece of furniture or equipment, the only other thing in the craft was what appeared to be a glass tube about a foot inside the wall and about a foot off the floor that went around the inside circumference of the craft. The tube had a minor diameter of about four inches and appeared to be filled with mercury.

The ramp from outside actually came up to the opening about two feet above the floor of the craft and there was another short ramp inside leading down to the floor. The mercury filled glass tube went under this ramp at the entrance.

Just to the left of the entrance, there was what appeared to be two coils of copper enameled wire, about 16 gauge around the glass tube with spacers that looked like phenolic, like this:


Where the ‘===’ is the mercury filled glass tube, the ‘|’ the spacers, and the ‘+’ the coils of copper enameled wire.

The wire was connected to something that looked like an automotive battery except that it had only three cells and the inter-cell connectors were external.

There was no obvious control mechanism, but I got the feeling this device was responsible for the drive of the craft.

There was no obvious light source, it just seemed to come from nowhere.

The beings were different than any I’ve heard described. Physically, they were short, maybe 3-1/2 or 4 feet tall and thin. Their skin tone was not gray, it was closer to a light computer beige. Their eyes were not “bug eyes” like grays are described as having, but they were larger than human eyes. Their heads were disproportionately large for their bodies but not to a great extent. They wore a one piece jumpsuit that had an iridescent metallic dark green appearance.

Then I found myself at home in my bed with no knowledge of how I got from inside of the craft back home. My initial thought was that I had just dreamt the whole experience, however, the bottom of my pajamas were wet with clay.

Around my house there was thick topsoil, you’d have to dig down three or four feet into the ground to get to clay. That clearing next to the school was the only place I knew of in the area with exposed clay.

The following day I attempted to go back to the clearing to see if there was an impression where the craft had landed or other visual evidence, but there were bulldozers down there flattening the area and spreading soil for what was to become a park. So any evidence that had been present was covered or destroyed.

They also thinned the trees along the perimeter so that the area was visible to people surrounding it.

I had no history of sleep walking prior to or after this event. For some reason the next morning I also did not want my mother to know so I washed my pajamas myself to remove the clay.

I don’t know exactly how much of this is real, how much is dream, how much is a screen memory, etc. I have heard Whitley Strieber refer to his experiences as dream like, but other aspects of his experience are completely different than mine.

It was this experience that has made the subjects of UFOs, aliens, faster than light travel, time travel, and the paranormal in general interesting to me.


Because of a strange experience I had in 1969 when I was ten years old, I have decided to start a blog on the subject of extraterrestrial visitors.

The reason the description talks about being from other planets or other dimensions or times, is that I believe we are being visited by beings from the future.

I will elaborate more on this later when I have time. Right now I just want to get this setup and make sure it works.