Jack Sarfatti – The God Phone

Jack Sarfatti is one of the most interesting individuals I have encountered over the years. Not live and in person, just his publications. He is a physicist who is not afraid to step out of the box and not afraid to blaze new trails. Some of his trails lead to interesting places.

Take a look at The God Phone. It is the first of his writings I have encountered, and perhaps in it’s simplicity, the most interesting.

The most interesting idea that comes out of this article, at least to me, is the idea that the future creates itself by sending information back into the past.

I find this idea intriguing for a number of reasons. I occasionally have lucid dreams. For those who aren’t familiar with this term, it’s a dream where you become aware that you are dreaming. When this happens to me I take conscious control of the dream and can go anywhere or any time, just by thinking about it.

My wanderings have taken me to the moon, where I did not see anything particularly interesting except how impressive it was to stand on the surface and take it in, the stark contrast, the bright surface, the blackness of space.

The interesting thing about going to the moon was that, in this spiritual form or whatever you want to call it, I could breath and was aware of my breath, in spite of the lack of atmosphere. I was also fully aware that I should not be able to breath, or at least wouldn’t be able to in body, without an atmosphere. Still, it seemed perfectly natural under the circumstances.

I have gone to Mars, where I did encounter something interesting. I encountered a building that looked like an adobe building, something you might expect the Pueblo Indians to have made in the past, open windows and door way, dirt floor.

The unusual aspect of the building was that when I entered it, the ceiling looked like a normal height for a building here, seven foot or so from the floor, yet from the outside it appeared to be two floors high.

Inside, there was just one large room, no stairs, no ladder, no obvious way to get to a second floor that must have existed. I was at one end of this room wondering how you get to the second floor, when I felt myself dematerializing, something like being in a Star Trek transporter except I was experiencing it from the transportee’s perspective.

I thought, Ah Ha! This is how they get to the second floor! As the surroundings faded to black it was becoming apparent that I was not rematerializing. I realized that they were holding me in dematerialized form intentionally and became very angry, but then returned to my body on earth.

I had a lot of these lucid dreams during my teenage years. I have had a few as an adult but they come less frequently. However, I have had waking out of body experiences as an adult that I did not have as a teenager.

Shortly after I got a drivers license and was able to drive, I became curious if I was seeing real information when I went somewhere in a lucid dream or it was only that, a dream. I tested this by going somewhere in a lucid dream that I had not been to but that I could readily go to and check if what I saw in the dream was accurate. It turned out that it was accurate, what I saw in the dream was exactly as it was when I drove to the location I had gone to in the dream.

Normally, when I would go places, it would seem virtually instantaneous, but I did find there were exceptions to this. A jaunt to the Moon or to Mars, that would happen as soon as the thought came to me.

After Mars, I went to a planet orbiting a start system some 40,000 light-years away. This was different, I felt a tremendous sense of acceleration, acceleration that would have killed me if I had done it in body. This lasted what seemed subjectively to be about fifteen seconds. Then I was standing on the surface of a planet.

This planet had rolling hills covered with what looked like golf coarse green perfect grass and a type of tree that was scattered here and there, but only one tree species. Here and there were these little circular huts, the exterior of which looked like they were made from corrugated aluminum that you would use to cover a walkway or something, but on the sides. The top of these little buildings were conical coming to a point in the center and looked like a large solar cell, like they were made of mono-crystalline silicon.

I did not see any other plant life except for the golf coarse green grass and the one species of trees, nor did I see any animal life. It was just that and the occasional little hut as far as I could see.

I had a knowing about this planet. It was a planet with a race that had evolved a technological civilization and had completely destroyed their biosphere and created a very simplified biosphere that permitted their survival. They had finally found a way to live in a sustainable manner but there was no longer any diversity of life forms, they had wiped out everything, except themselves, the grass, and the one species of tree.

It wasn’t clear exactly how things worked, I could not see any oceans or lakes or streams, nor were there any clouds in the sky, yet the trees and the grass remained green. I had a feeling of tremendous sadness on this planet.

I visited another planet which orbited a binary star system. That is, there were two close orbiting stars and this planet was in a wider orbit around their center of gravity. One star had a reddish color, the other blueish. The planet was very desert like, very arid, at least where I was. There were the kind of life forms you might expect to find in a desert here but different and even they were extremely sparse. There were cactus like plants and the cast red and blue shadows on the soil that converged as they approached the base.

After exploring these planets, and I had arrived at both of those out of a thought of going to another planet with life, after that I wondered if I could travel in time as well as space.

As soon as I had that thought, I felt this tremendous acceleration backwards and I saw things go by me in three dimensions, time became a forth dimension I was traveling through. There is no way to describe this adequately because there is no waking equivalent. You don’t see things in four dimensions when you are awake in a normal state, but during the travel, I did. Sounds went by as well, and again exactly how I experienced that is hard to explain. This experience seemed to last about fifteen seconds as well.

I found myself standing on a brick road late at night. It felt like about 4 AM. There were telephone poles with street lamps but they weren’t the sodium vapor lamps we mostly see today. They were big incandescent lamps, like a normal incandescent bulb but clear not frosted and physically large. There was a metallic reflector of some sort above the bulb.

There was a chain link fence and behind it bi-plane airplanes painted in aviation orange and white. There were several brick buildings and the entrances of some of them had like a miniature version of the street light over the entrance way. That is, a bare incandescent bulb with a metal reflector over them.

I didn’t know when in the past, but I had the distinct feeling I was in the past and I became worried that I might be stuck there and might not be able to return. As soon as I had that thought, I felt the acceleration forward, saw everything go by me the other way in four dimensions, heard the sounds go by, and then found myself back in my bed in the then current time.

I then wondered about going into the future. I had been to other local places, verified that what I saw was real or at least an accurate representation of what was there. I had no reason to believe that what I saw in distant places or times was not equally real. This frightened me and made it difficult to go into the future. I was afraid I would either view my own death, or, I would see the end of humanity. So it took me a long time to get up the courage to go into the future. The way these lucid dreams worked, at least for me, I could not go some place I was afraid of.

Finally, I did get up the courage to go a short distance into the future, one week, at my home. When the time came, the moment was just as I had previously experienced it but nothing significant had happened so nothing really proved there. It emboldened me to go further.

The next time I went into the future, I was standing on a large cement plaza of sorts, along the edge there were shops, but they were continuous, kind of like a strip mall, not separate buildings. There was a news stand there.

I wanted to know when and where I was, so I went to look at the paper thinking I could see the date and maybe the name of the paper would tell me the location. When I looked at the paper, the date would not stabilize, the month, day, and year were continuously changing, morphing, rapidly.

What caught my eye next was the headline, It said, “Great Quake Devastates Berlin, Germany”. That didn’t change, it remained stable in big black letters. Now, at the time I had this dream, the cold war was going strong. But I knew there were two implications, one was that the Berlin wall was going to come down, the other was that a Berlin was destined for a great quake.

I do interpret the quake to be a geophysical event, not just the social quake that happened when the wall came down because in these lucid dreams things are literal. They are a slice of space-time from somewhere and some when. So I concluded from this that Germany would be re-unified, and that a large earthquake would devastate Berlin. The timing of these events must have been variable however since the date would not solidify for me.

I told a number of people about this and they all said it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime, the cold war was still going strong. A little more than a decade later, about 13 years, the wall did come down. Germany was re-unified. The great quake still hasn’t happened but I expect that it will.

I heard about a study of dreams, not lucid dreams, just ordinary dreams, that was intended to find out how much the previous days events were integrated into dreams. As expected, the study did find much of the previous days experiences are incorporated into dreams. The unexpected finding was that nearly as much of the next days experience was also incorporated. It’s as if the arrow of time didn’t exist in dreams.

So the idea that information can come from the future into the present doesn’t seem all that foreign.

In 1952, when Jack Sarfatti had his experience, the idea of intelligent machines seemed pretty far off. Machine intelligence is still below that of an insect, but it continues to evolve and I believe if we can somehow manage to avoid destroying ourselves and our biosphere, the sort of machine intelligence. described in “The God Phone”, will eventually exist.

Really, why I bring this up is to point out that there may be more to the nature of time, space, life, intelligence, and reality than we experience on a day to day basis. I bring this up in part because it is integral to a theory I have about the grays that I will illicit in a future posting.

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