My Theory On The Grays

My theory on the Grays is based entirely upon other peoples accounts of their interactions with them since I have never personally encountered them.

My theory about the Grays is intrinsically tied into my theory about time and the universe. First, my idea of quantum collapse needs to be stated.

Classical quantum mechanics allows for the superimposition of two states that when observed, collapse into one state or the other.

In my version, they never really collapse. There are actually two parallel universes for every such state, and there are an infinite number of these, and our consciousness simply bifurcates with the rest of the universe at each of those points.

The “us” that is here now is but one branch of an infinite number of our consciousness branches that have followed a particular path along bifurcation points. The quantum state appears to assume one state or the other upon observation only because our consciousness has bifurcated, and the part of our consciousness that is in this universe sees one particular collapsed state, but another part, of which we are largely unaware, followed into the other parallel universe and sees the other collapsed state.

The Cheshire cat is still simultaneously alive and dead, only it’s completely alive in one universe and completely dead in the other, which bifurcated from a common universe.

I’ve also got an alternative explanation with respect to the nature of quantum entanglement, which requires neither a hidden variable nor spooky action at a distance, but I’ll go into that later since it is not relevant to my theory about the Grays.

Now, I’ve got my theory about quantum superimposition out, I need to state that it also intrinsically ties into my theory of time and provides for a resolution of the Grandfather paradox.

You see, my coming back to kill my Grandfather, would not create a paradox, because that, like every other decision point, bifurcates the universe and in that case I would have come from the future from the bifurcated half of the universe in which my Grandfather wasn’t killed, but I returned prior to that point and at the point he was then killed, I followed the other bifurcation in which he was killed. Others have had similar ideas but they refer to them as separate time lines, however, expanding that to include quantum superimposition as I have really creates the extreme of the many universes theory.

But it was important to get that out on the table so that you can understand my theory about the Grays. This is my theory, the Grays aren’t originally from another star system, they are our distant descendants except that they come from a different bifurcation of the universe or time line.

Basically, as the sun comes closer to exhausting it’s supply of hydrogen, it grows larger and redder. Exactly how big and how fast the sun will swell is a matter of debate, but at some point it will swell enough that life as we know it will not be possible on Earth.

Our distant ancestors dealt with the evolution of the Sun by moving to Mars initially. As things continued to heat up and Mars became inhospitable they inhabited some of the moons of the gas giants. However, this was not a friendly environment. The Suns peak spectral output at this point is no longer visible light but in the infrared range. Between the spectral change and the distances, growing food becomes problematic.

Because our distant ancestors spent much time evolving on these distant moons, they developed a number of adaptations. Because light was low, they developed sensitive eye sight. Because the spectral peak had shifted into the infrared, eyes evolved to become more sensitive in this region of the spectrum. This is the reason Grays have “bug eyes”, big black eyes resembling an insects.

Plants evolved as well, and other molecules replaced chlorophyll that could carry on photo synthesis with lower energy photons, perhaps more than two steps were required, but each step could function at a lower energy level. It happens that chlorophyll uses a two step process for photosynthesis, one step requires the absorption of a blue photon, the other requires the absorption of a red photon. This is why plants appear to be green.

But even on earth, other photosynthesis schemes exist in bacteria that require different photon energies or wavelengths than chlorophyll. Plants of the future will have evolved to use some of these alternate pathways to be able to photosynthesize efficiently utilizing light which has a spectral peak in the infrared.

Hemoglobin, the protein in blood that transports oxygen is a very close relative of chlorophyll, and it’s pigment reflects that, appearing red when carrying oxygen and blue when carrying carbon monoxide. Future oxygen carriers will probably be similar to future photosynthesis molecules and will tend to have absorption in the infrared range as well, rendering blood more clear at visible wavelengths.

The low infrared content and the distance from the Sun will result in such a low UV flux that melanin will no longer serve any useful function, nor will other pigments selective in the visible light spectrum. This results in the gray skin color.

When food is difficult to come by, short in supply, as it would be if grown in the low diluted light with a high portion of the light in the infrared spectrum, species tend to become smaller and more efficient when food supplies are tight. This explains the normally short stature of “The Grays” as well as their thinness and efficient use of energy.

The grays have reached the end of their ability to continue to thrive in the face of the Suns continuing evolution, so they decide they need to find a more hospitable climate. Ultimately, they decide to go some when, rather than somewhere. Back in to a time when the Sun was still hospitable to life on earth, and continue their evolution there.

Now, the Grays realize that they are in a different time line or bifurcation of the universe, a bifurcation that occurred when they arrived at the earth back in our current time, because in their bifurcation, their arrival did not happen. As a consequence of this it is safe to do bad things to us because their ancestors were in a different time line and killing the cave men here will not affect them.

Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of years of evolution, have rendered them maladapted to present day Earth. In the day their eyes are overwhelmed with the brightness of the light. Their skin offers no protection at all from ultraviolet light reaching the surface. Their skeletal musculature is not well adapted to Earth’s gravity since they have been living on smaller bodies with lower gravity for eons.

In order to allow adaptation to the earth and evolution of their species to continue, they decide to create a hybrid between themselves and present day humans. Since the time lines only diverged upon their arrive here, the genetics of people in this time line and people at this time in their time line are identical.

They are descended from some of us whose descendants survived generation after generation throughout the eons. This is a small minority of the people alive today. It is those people the Grays are interested in because, since they descended from those people, they will be the most genetically compatible and the easiest to form a hybrid race with. This is why Grays abduct along family lines.

So now you have it, a theory that explains just about everything known about the Grays.

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