Bellevue UFO

I’ve always thought the folks in Bellevue seemed a little alien. Now it seems the aliens have taken an interest in Bellevue. Take a look at this nuforc report.

Jonathon Reed, Exposed or Covered Up?

For those not familiar with the story of Jonathon Reed, Jonathon Reed supposedly encountered an extraterrestrial alien entity and ship in woods near Issaquah, Wa.

This story really bugged me when I first say the picture of the supposedly alien entity because I had dreamt of encountering this same entity before I heard the story or saw the pictures.

In the dream the head of this creature bobbed extremely and unnaturally all over the place, like a hyperactive bobblehead doll. The unnaturalness of the movement in the dream really creeped me out, but I had always thought it just a dream until I saw the photos.

Now a group of people claim to have investigated Jonathon Reed, found that he was actually Jonathon Rutter, someone who had claimed to be a child psychologist for fifteen years and in fact was not a doctor, psychologist or otherwise.

If this was a fraud, I don’t understand why I had the dream of this creature before I heard the story or saw the photograph. The connection of Jonathon Reed with Jonathon Rutters, was based upon an overheard cell phone conversation. This seems like a pretty flimsy connection at best.

Consequently, I am inclined to wonder if this whole thing is not a cover-up of a real event rather than the exposure of a fraud.

You read the story and decide for yourself.

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