God and ET

Anyone who has encountered extraterrestrial or perhaps extratemporal or extradimensional aliens is beyond the debate regarding whether physical laws will allow them to get here from great distances, other times, or other dimensions. For us they are here. From most accounts multiple species from different star systems and perhaps different times and what many refer to as dimensions.

A side note: I view the use of the term “dimensions” in this context incorrect. It’s use stems in part from the layman’s misunderstanding of string theory presently in which the universe has eleven or twelve dimensions. People have mistaken this to mean something more akin to parallel universes, rather than a dimension as in the familiar three physical dimensions and time. I say it stems in part from this because I know for example that the radio host Art Bell, misinterprets string theory this way, but it was also misused this way in old Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes before string theories were in vogue, and I do not know the origins of it’s misuse at that time.

But back to my original thought, for those who have encountered such entities, there is no question with respect to their existence, and we also know physics don’t prevent them from getting here, else the wouldn’t be here, and by extension, any interpretation of physics or physics theories that says that it is impossible to be here are just plain wrong. As Richard Feynman often said, “Any theory, no matter how elaborate or mathematically elegant, if it does not agree with observed data, is wrong.”

The evidence that our government knows of the existence of extraterrestrial entities on this planet and has even interacted with them is overwhelming, yet it is kept a secret.

One common speculation as to why it is kept as secret is that it would cause social and religious upheaval. No doubt there are many of the Christian faith that will declare them to be demons not extraterrestrials, probably also true of Islam and Judaism. Probably a minority, but it only takes a small vocal minority to cause major social upheaval, particularly if those being vocal also happen to be respected leaders of the faith.

I’m trying to figure out how to put this in the context of my own religious beliefs. I am not a member of any organized religion. I do believe Jesus was a real individual, I also believe Jesus had a special connection to God, but I believe this was also true of Buddha, and a number of other religious figures. Further, I believe it would be available to anyone who can be completely sin free, in terms of harm to other life, and who can be completely honest. The fact that so few are capable of achieving that status is the reason these figures are rare.

There is a camp that believes that we are created so that God could experience himself. I use ‘himself’ very generically, I don’t really believe that God is sexed. I tend to place myself in that camp though my beliefs in this area are quite speculative.

It is also my believe that the whole term “creation” is a bit of a misnomer, because it implies that the creation is separate from the creator, and I do not believe this to be the case.

If you really examine the nature of physical reality, you see first that we are made up of molecules. The molecules are made up of atoms. The atoms are made up of subatomic particles, protons, neutrons, and electrons. The electrons are considered to be fundamental, but protons and neutrons are made up of quarks and gluons. Recent proton scattering experiments point to an internal structure to quarks, they may be built from still smaller entities.

On the subatomic scale, these particles all have dual particle / wave natures, and exhibit many properties we would consider strange in the macro world.

It is my view that the whole concept of particle is really incorrect, that what we are looking at is some form of standing waves within “the ether”. And that ultimately, if reduced far enough, this all comes down to God thought.

The Bible refers to God creating by speaking the word. I think actually, God “thought” the word, and the thought was envisioning the universe. After all, prior to the universes existence, there was no air into which to utter acoustic words.

We are all made up of “God Thought” then and each of us and every bit of matter and every living thing is also made up of “God Thought”, an internal aspect of God, not a separate physical external creation.

If you have experienced lucid dreams or you have experienced an out of body experience, you will be able to relate to this. You can go places or times, just be thinking about it. And there is no delay. It’s not like waking life where you think of picking up a glass, then you reach for it and do it. It is spontaneous and instantaneous. As soon as the thought comes you realize it. I believe this is how God works but on a really really big scale.

Because God experiences itself as whole, complete, God does not harm himself, hate himself, but loves himself, and by extension that part of himself which is us. We should love each other the same way because we are all part of God’s internal thought creation, we are part of God, we just fail to see that connection because of our self-imposed isolation.

The Genesis story where Adam eats the Apple, with a little encouragement from Eve, and then they both feel their nakedness and feel the need to hide from God, this I think is metaphorical for what happens when we do something harmful to other life forms, other human beings or animals, it doesn’t matter, any living thing. We do harm, we feel bad about it, we don’t want others to know, so we build th is psychic barrier and cut ourselves off from the all that is, from God.

If it were not for that barrier and the barriers others have built, we would all experience each others thoughts and feelings, all be connected to and part of God.

Still, we go out into the universe and experience it, and we do this knowing that one day, we must return to God, flow down the river, become part of the infinite ocean again, and in so doing God will have acquired an experience of itself.

It is best though if we can have this connection while still alive physically, and if we do I think we experience love for everything and we can live for everything, and life in that context can take on great meaning.

I will readily admit there are many details relating to God that I do not understand. I do not think it is even possible to understand them. An ocean contains many drops of water, but a drop of water cannot contain an ocean.

So what of these entities from elsewhere? How do they fit in to the grand scheme of things?

I would start by saying that I don’t think God would have created (thought into existence) close to one trillion visible galaxies containing on average a trillion stars. And that’s just what we can see, I think in all likelihood it is actually infinite. Of those ten to the 24th power stars, an unimaginably huge number, probably at least half are sporting a planetary system, and probably a substantial fraction of those planets are capable of harboring life in some form.

Even if an infinitesimally small percentage of those evolved intelligent technological civilizations, an infinitesimally small percentage of 10 to the 24th power is still an unimaginably huge number.

Each of these civilizations, like each of us, is unique and allows God to experience itself from a unique perspective, and so each plays an important role.

Each like us is a part of God, a drop of water in an ocean, some more well connected than others. We should interact with each other with love just as we should on an individual level, but, being isolated to some degree, they too will he imperfect to various degrees, some much so than others. As a result, I do not believe we can expect all alien civilizations we may encounter to be friendly, some will be unfriendly and malevolent, although many will be friendly and benevolent.

I do not believe the Grays to be friendly or benevolent, but I also believe they are extratemporal rather than extraterrestrial. That is to say they come from another time (distant future) rather than another place. I don’t really know what we should be doing, but I don’t think it is what our government seems to be doing, keeping us in the dark with respect to their existence.

I do believe other groups are benevolent, the group referred to as The Pleiadians, I believe they are real, I believe the original Billy Meier material is real. I do not believe the Gulf Breeze Pleiadians are real. I do not believe the later Billy Meier material is real, but I do believe the early encounters, photographs, and videos were. I do believe the Pleiadians are a more spiritually advanced as well as more technologically advanced. I think we can learn from them but we have to keep in mind they’re more ocean spray, not the ocean.

I hope that we can get past the whole demon bit, perhaps there are real demons but I don’t think just because someone comes from far away, looks different, or even thinks different from us, that it is sufficient reason to label them as demons.

I hope that mainstream religions can adjust and the veil of secrecy can be lifted, but I am not holding my breath.

I am also getting tired and hungry so will need to pick up on this at a later time. I’d be interested in hearing our thoughts on this subject.