UFO Sighting at O’Hare

An UFO event over O’Hare International Airport happened on November 7th but is only now making the major news media. Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center gave a report on November 15th on the Coast to Coast radio show but I missed it.

A saucer or elliptical shaped object was initially spotted hovering at approximately 1000 to 1500 feet by an United Airlines employee at gate C-17. It was witness by around a dozen United Airlines employees.

What makes this sighting particularly interesting is that it was witnessed by around a dozen United Airlines employees (a number of which were pilots and very familiar with aircraft), it was a daytime sighting, and it left by accelerating rapidly straight up through the cloud deck at 1900 feet (1500 feet by some accounts), punching a hole in the clouds in the process. The description is close to what I saw 38 years ago and that adds some personal experience.

The FAA tower manager says that it was a weather phenomena,

“Our theory on this is that it was a weather phenomenon,” she said. “That night was a perfect atmospheric condition in terms of low [cloud] ceiling and a lot of airport lights. When the lights shine up into the clouds, sometimes you can see funny things. That’s our take on it.”

This is laughable in light of the fact that the sighting was a daytime sighting. Anybody wanna buy a bridge? How about some Arizona beach-front property?

Here are some related articles:

They all are either Chicago Tribune or Associated Press derived, and the Chicago Tribune and Associated Press articles are so alike that I am hard pressed to believe they didn’t have the same origin. I couldn’t find any other commercial news sources that weren’t simply reprints of one of these sources.

If you take a few minutes to read these articles you’ll notice that most of them make light of the incident, not one of them questions the FAA’s assertion that it was weather phenomena.

Click here and here to see two reports logged by the National UFO Reporting Center. These strike me as a lot less biased and more interesting.

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