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We have created many technological imitations of natural phenomena. We’ve roughly imitated muscle with engines. Like muscles, engines oxidize fuel to create mechanical energy for some purpose, to propel a car, boat, plane, tractor, etc, expanding our own physical capabilities.

We have created technological imitations of some of our brain functions, the ability to calculate, store and retrieve information, to a limited degree the ability to learn.

What we have not been able to duplicate through technology are the functions of mind. Those that believe that mind is a function of the brain will disagree, however, I am not in that camp. I feel that the brain is more of an interface between the physical world as we experience it and the mind.

The mind thinks, feels comprehends, experiences, and possesses intent. The mind also is able to travel and function outside of the 3D+time physical universe.

It is my belief that duplicating or at least directly interfacing with the functions of mind technologically is something that extraterrestrials that visit us have achieved.

I have had lucid dreams and waking out of body experiences that share things in common, but are dramatically different than the normal everyday waking experience.

When I am in one of these states, lucid dream or waking out of body, I can go anywhere I want just by thinking about it. An interesting aspect of this is that there is no noticeable delay, as soon as the thought enters consciousness I’m instantly there if the destination is nearby, but traveling if it is distant in time or space.

When I do something in the physical waking world, there is a short but noticeable delay between the time the thought enters consciousness and I begin to take action. It’s as if the mind forms an intention but the brain takes a finite time to respond to that intention.

Traveling in the lucid dream or out of body state is not instantaneous, there is a velocity. Subjectively, it is approximately eleven orders of magnitude faster than light when traveling through physical space. It takes approximately 15 seconds to travel 40,000 light-years out of body. It takes approximately 1 second to travel 4 years in time. I’ll call this the speed of thought. The speed of thought is approximately 3 x 10^16 km/s.

For those of you who will say, “but you’re not really going anywhere, it’s all in your mind”, that’s what I thought at first too. I tested the reality of the lucid dream state by going some place I hadn’t been but could readily drive to, noting the surroundings, then driving there and verifying that what I had seen was accurate.

The way I came to these velocity figures was by going specific locations far distant and going places in time and noting how long it felt like it took to get there. Since I couldn’t take a stop-watch with me I could only estimate based upon the subjective experience.

On the subject of subjective experience, traveling in time is subjectively very interesting in that I see space/time as a 4-dimensional thing I was traveling through. Not only could I see in 4 dimensions, I also hear sounds flying by.

There is also a tremendous feeling of acceleration accompanying traveling in time. When going back in time, it’s a feeling like falling backwards except the acceleration is more intense than gravity. When going into the future, or returning from the past, the acceleration is forward. There is a feeling of acceleration when traveling great physical distances as well but it is not as intense.

The fact that there is no waking equivalent of seeing in four dimensions, the fact that traveling great distances not only does take time but takes a consistent amount of time relative to the distances involved, and the ability to get real data about remote locations, these all indicate to me a phenomena that isn’t just internally generated.

If that function of the mind has been somehow replicated technologically by aliens on another planet around another star, then getting here becomes trivial. Arriving from the other side of the galaxy becomes a 15 second jaunt.

It would explain the lack of controls, if the functions of mind could be replicated technologically in a controlled manner and could reliably emulate telepathy. You would just think where you want to go and on your way you would be.

This explains something about the ship I was on. It didn’t need food storage or lavatory or sleeping facilities or even water to drink for travel within the galaxy. Traveling between galaxies by this method would still be impractical, but maybe there are technologies that can go even faster than the speed of thought.

Jack Sarfatti, Stuart Hameroff, Roger Penrose, and others have been looking for the physical basis for consciousness for many years, maybe they, or someone else will stumble upon it eventually, and then the universe will be even more mysterious but perhaps our ability to explore it will be much greater.

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5th Dimension Faster Than Light

An article in the India Daily makes the following claim,

Recently, as an extension of the string theory and simulating some aspects of it in numerical computer simulated methods, scientists find that the gravity wave can be used for propagation, navigation and stealth in higher dimensions.”

I’d be interested to see this in an actual scientific journal somewhere. There is no attribution given in the India Times.

Most mainstream physicists insist that extraterrestrials can not travel from distant planetary systems because the speed of light is the absolute universal speed limit and that is too slow for practical interstellar travel.

The article states that this grew out of numerical simulations based upon string theories, but most string theories I am familiar with invoke 10, 11, or more dimensions and don’t seem to predict much of anything testable.

I would like to hear from anyone who is aware of string theories in five dimensions that would permit faster than light travel.

I wonder if there isn’t a funny synchronicity in this. I remember a song from the 60’s called, “Aquarius”, which described a world in which love would rule. The song was by a group called, “The Fifth Dimension”. It is my understanding that we are leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius.