The Keepers – Jim Sparks

Art Bell has repeatedly interviewed Jim Sparks, author of “The Keepers”, a book allegedly about his alien abduction experiences.

I do not find Jim Sparks convincing. He adds little new to existing UFO/ET lore except for an alien writing system for writing English words.

Jim’s experience isn’t limited to a particular race. He has seen various types of grays, various types of reptilians, and various types of the so called “Nordic” type during his encounters.

While other reports of all of these types exist, generally speaking they aren’t intermixed like this to a large degree, particularly the Nordic type. It isn’t real uncommon to hear reports of a number of grays with a reptilian playing some sort of supervisory role.

In spite of all of these numerous encounters in which Mr. Sparks was conscious having had the opportunity to ask questions as a reward for cooperating in the lessons teaching him the alien writing system for English, he remains unaware of their origins or agenda.

I’ve noticed that ever since coast to coast was bought by Premiere Radio, which later was eaten by Clear Channel Communications, all of the guests seem to be book authors or someone with something else to sell.

I sometimes wonder if the primary function of Coast to Coast isn’t dis-information. Art Bell speaks about his role as an air-force medic, but I can’t recall any elaboration with respect to his function in air force intelligence.

I often think that he still has a role in air force-intelligence, perhaps serving the dual function of gathering real information from people who have encountered extraterrestrials, while at the same time disseminating disinformation.

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