Strange E-Mail

I have started receiving e-mail from strange people and places at an address I don’t normally give out that is centered around the topics of anti-gravity, time travel, and that sort of thing, and area in which I do have an intense interest.

I am particularly interested in understanding the principal behind the operation of the device I saw in my encounter when I was ten. It was presented in such a simple minimal form that I have to believe that was the intent.

So far what I’ve received has run the gamut between trying to affect space-time using high intensity light, to an experiment that attempts to prove the principal of retro-causality (and there the experiment was planned last November at the U-of-W by a professor Cramer there but I have not been able to find any word of the results), to more off the wall information suggesting that for some reason mold spores can have a gravity shielding effect similar to superconductors. Because of my allergies to half the known universe the latter is one that I am not going to try to reproduce.

I am not sure why I started receiving this e-mail or who is sending it. Mail headers are trivial to forge on the Internet.

I personally am convinced there is some relationship between electro-magnetism or perhaps more broadly between the electro-weak force and gravity in as much as diamagnetic materials and magnetic effects seem to be a common aspect of many UFO reports or crash debris and coincidentally many fringe science devices revolve around this subject, and some documented effects such as the Biefeld-Brown effects. Townsend Brown referred to them as “controlling gravity” rather than “anti-gravity”.

At any rate; I don’t know where it is going to lead if anywhere, but it’s interesting, I’ve always wanted to be able to travel and interstellar travel has a particular appeal.