I had mixed feelings about adding Roswell Rods to the side bar or posting regarding it because there isn’t much evidence that this phenomena is extraterrestrial in origin, or that it is even anything terribly out of the ordinary. But it does appear to be an unidentified flying object of some sorts so I thought I’d post my speculations.

The objects themselves are interesting. Rod debunkers have suggested that they are nothing more mysterious than insects in flight motion blurred by video. Rod debunker debunkers have used highspeed video cameras, those with shutter speeds of 1/10,000th of a second, that would not be subject to the blur an ordinary video camera is, and the objects still appear the same.

I’m afraid I tend to fall into the skeptical category on this one because I see the primary promotor, a Mexican television producer by the name of Jose Escamilla, seems to be heavily into promoting DVD’s of the phenomena for sale rather than making the videos and still available for free on the net.

Still I can’t dismiss it outright either so it will just remain in my “unknown” bag until such time as more definitive evidence becomes available. I do quite a lot of outdoor photography myself and have never captured anything remotely resembling these “rods” an image in spite of being in a fairly insect rich environment. So if they were insects I’d expect to see them showing up in my photos some of which are taken at shutter speeds similar to video frame rates.

I’d be interested in hearing from others who have successfully photographed rods, what equipment you used in what setting, etc.