I Inadvertently Photographed a UFO!

I discovered last night while processing some photos that I took last summer that I inadvertently captured a UFO in one of them.

We we were taking a trip to visit with some friends in Silverdale and took a ferry from Edmonds to Kingston. Just as we were leaving the Edmonds dock I snapped a photo with part of the dock structure in it and part of the water and sky as we were clearing it.

Click on the image below to see a full sized version of the photo.

Edmonds-Kingston Ferry Dock UFO

I don’t know what it but I feel reasonably confident it’s not airplane, helicopter, or bird.

Fife Symington Admits Seeing Probable Alien Craft

Watch this video interview of former governor Fife Symington speaking about seeing a craft many have come to call the Phoenix lights. Former governor Symington believes the craft to most likely be an alien spaceship.

It’s frustrating that when people of his stature see something like this they keep it a secret for a decade, or many times forever, because it detracts from the credibility of others who have seen things from other worlds.