UFO China

China is not without it’s UFO sightings.

I thought I was looking at some kind of advertising blimp until it winked out. After it winked out I’m more inclined to think someone with a computer and video manipulation software had too much time on their hands. However, initially both the building and the object were out of focus and come into focus simultaneously. So I don’t know, this one is strange.

The interesting stuff is near the end.
Alien ship or ball lightning?

The object is in focus when distant objects are in focus and goes out of focus when the camera focuses close up on the window frame proving it’s not a toy close up. It moves relative to other objects. It’s not a street lamp.

This one is somewhat interesting too. Unfortunately, when the camera operator zooms in the camera goes out of focus so you never get to see detail.

This looks like something burning up on re-entry except it seems to move way too slow and never breaks up.