Toyes – Waiting For The Aliens

Listening to various songs, Waiting for the Aliens comes up in which the singer wants to fly the aliens ship. I can identify with that. In my experience I never got off the ground. It was novel to be sure but still it’s just sitting there in a clearing four blocks from home with the door open.

The Billy Meier contacts fascinated me when I first heard about them for a variety of reasons. I know a lot of people now think the whole thing was faked, but that’s not my opinion. I think they started out with genuine contacts. I was particular impressed with the 8mm footage and the still shots of the beam ship around the tree (proving it wasn’t done with a toy model), and also the shoots out of the ships windows of an alien planet.

Personally, I’d like a ride to an alien planet with the ability to take my digital camera and a couple dozen 2 gig memory cards. The ultimate in tourism. No probes though please.

We’re arriving at a point where I’m wondering if we have any prayer of surviving our technology. Seeing the home planet of an alien civilization that has mastered interstellar travel might provide some clues. I wonder sometimes though if human beings just don’t have the right stuff. Something in our evolutionary history perhaps predisposed us to violence and greed.

It’s clear that catastrophic events have punctuated human evolution, some of them nearly driving us to extinction. I wonder if, in the aftermath of those events, it wasn’t the violent who survived. Perhaps an alien civilization evolved without such periodic interruptions.

How would our immune systems would cope with native microbial life on other planets? I suspect that our biology is different enough that viruses probably wouldn’t be a huge threat because our cellular machinery would not know how to decode their genetic instructions. Alien bacteria possessing it’s own cellular machinery and only needing us as a food source might be a larger problem.

I don’t really feel like I belong on this planet anyway. I’d rather be somewhere that people do things for some reason other than because everybody else is doing them. Any alien race with the ability to get here from another star system surely has a much more evolved civilization and culture than we.

So alien dudes come give me a ride to your home planet, let me take my digicam and take a bunch of photos and then bring me back so I can put them up on the blog here. That would make it killer!