F-117 Electro-Cloak

I heard rumors about an electrical device on the F117 where by they charge the exhaust from the engines and as the plane moves away those charges are separated building up a tremendous voltage, basically using the same principal as the Van De Graff generator.

There are claims from some people that this creates an anti-gravity effect via the Biefield-Brown effect. The aircraft becomes the positive charged end and everything else the negative.

I’ve also heard that yes, it does provide better speed and fuel economy but not through anti-gravity but rather through aerodynamic effects. It is said that the very high positive charge on the nose of the aircraft charges air out in front of it positive and since like charges repel the air molecules rush away from each other thinning the air out before the nose of the plane gets there.

Today I read a military explanation that the charge enhances the airplanes invisibility to radar allowing a closer approach before being detected.

I’ve seen a number of photos on the Internet showing it transforming to a white orb, not an orb matching the sky but a distinctly white orb. Of coarse I don’t know if those may have been altered. Also, when a plane goes hypersonic, there is a condensation cloud that rapidly forms around it because of the shock wave and propagates back.

What I photographed in late March appeared in two images and hadn’t moved far between them. If it had been an F-117 it would have moved considerably.

If high voltage is in fact causing this visual effect, I sure would like to understand how.

What They Aren’t

While I still don’t know what the orb like objects are, I know reasonably sure what they’re not. What they’re not is the Stratellite communications balloons. Those are equipped with GPS and station keeping propulsion so they stay in one place to provide communications services.

I photographed the same area the orb was last present today when that portion of the sky was clear, no orbs, or much else of interest. If those had been a Stratellite device, it would have still been there.