There are skeptics and there are debunkers. The skeptics require evidence to be convinced a phenomena exists, the debunkers won’t even look at the evidence. I am comfortable with the former but not the latter.

The abduction phenomena is dismissed as anything from psychosis to sleep paralysis to past abuse by many vocal debunkers in spite of the fact that there is quite a lot of evidence suggesting there is a real phenomena involved. It might be very different than we understand because the abductors are so advanced that we are unfamiliar with the technologies and processes involved.

This isn’t to say that all UFO abductions are real. There are improperly trained hypnotists which lead a subject and install false memories in the process. There are people who are psychotic. There are people who suffer from sleep paralysis. There are a host of other phenomena that can lead people to believe they’ve been abducted. All of these causes of false abduction beliefs and reports have existed for years, and continue to exist. Yet, there has been a substantial decline if not total cessation of alien abductions recently.

Until about July of 2006, it’s not difficult to find reports of UFO abductions. Between July and November of 2006, the numbers dwindled. And while I’ve had people assert in comments that they are still happening, I have not been able to locate a single case since November of 2006, nor has the person who asserted they were ongoing provided me with a single case. If this phenomena were not real in large part, what accounts for the sudden cessation?

If it is real, why has it suddenly stopped? Perhaps the grays, behind the abductions, have completed their mission to create a hybrid race. Or perhaps the grays have failed in their mission of creating a hybrid race and reached the conclusion it is not possible. Perhaps someone or something is interfering with their ability to abduct people. I received e-mail claiming three security ships near a portal visibly near Arcturus were preventing the grays from coming and going. There is this frightening possibility; the grays have stopped returning abductees. People still go missing all the time, maybe a percentage of those are abductees who formerly would have been returned but now are being consigned to an alien zoo or alien cuisine. “To Serve Man is a cook book!”

Most people abducted by the grays are abducted repeatedly throughout their lives and the abductions follow family lines. If they are abducted, it is likely one of their parents were, and one of their grandparents were, and their kids will be. So one area of research would be to find out if those who have had repeat abductions are still with us and not having them, or are missing.

Grays may be extratemporal rather than extraterrestrial. A hybrid could not be produced unless the species involved were genetically close. The cellular machinery of one species which is not genetically related to another would not know how to interpret the genetic instructions of that unrelated species. If they are our very distant descendants, that would explain the reason the abductions occur along familial lines. The families involved are those who successfully propagated into the future and were the specific ancestors of the grays. Those families not being abducted are the ones that didn’t cut the mustard and were eliminated from the gene pool.

The grays possess many adaptations that suggest adaptation to a low light red light low food availability environment. They may be our descendants from billions of years in the future, when the sun has entered the red giant phase. Perhaps they’ve migrated to more distant regions of the solar system. Over billions of years plant pigments and their body pigments have both adapted to life in the infrared. The grays eyes have evolved into a form capable of working with low light peaking in the infrared. Their bodies have become small and efficient to subsist on limited food. Their skin is gray because the pigments in their body are selective in the infrared. They are no longer equipped to deal with significant UV since our Sun no longer has significant output in the UV spectrum during their time. No melanin, blood pigments changed to longer wavelength pigments, skin appears to absorb light equally across the visible spectrum, skin is gray.

Why would they be here? In their time, our Sun can no longer sustain them anywhere in the solar system. Going back in time was easier than going to another star system. In so doing they created another time line and are not truly our descendants. The time lines bifurcated and diverged at the point in time when they came back and arrived here. We are not genetically diverged from their time line descendants yet, and thus viable gene donors. Because a new time line was created, eliminating us will not create a paradox or eliminate them. We are disposable.

They are not adapted for present conditions. UV in sunlight would give them rapid sunburn and cancer. Their eyes would be overwhelmed by the bright light. They are adapting by creating a hybrid race using humans from this time frame that are genetically compatible because we have not diverged genetically significantly from their ancestors in their time line. Abductions appear to have stopped and UFO sightings are up. They may intend to take over this planet in this time line so their now modified race can continue to live and evolve for another billion or two years at which point they’ll do it again. The process of taking over this planet may involve our elimination. They can do this because they’re not from our time line, we’re not truly their ancestors.

If anyone knows of any UFO alien abduction cases after November of 2006, I would appreciate it if you would contact me with details.

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