Take a look at http://www.nsa.gov/ufo/ufo00041.pdf. This documents a number of UFO sightings and a radar track or two and yet keeps saying, “Probably a Balloon”.

Yet, the NSA at one time felt it necessary to classify these balloon sightings as top secret. The specific locations have been blacked out.

Juanita Lights

Enlarged UFOI took photographs and in one image captured six UFOs.

To the right is the closest of the group. The object is not a “white dot”, it is spherical in appearance, white on top (yellow hand points) where it is reflecting sunlight and dark below reflecting (red hand points) the darker ground or water below.

The image below is a crop from the photo, one of the UFOs is not visible in this crop but you can click on it and get the full photograph.

Juanita Lights