Abductions 2007

As near as I can tell, 2007 continues to be devoid of alien abductions, at least I haven’t been able to locate anything credible.

Googling (is googling a legitimate verb now) for alien abductions 2007, all I’m finding is articles about a new alien abduction lamp (which is pretty cool check the link), and articles asking, “Are Alien Abductions Real?”…

I’ve had an ET encounter but my encounter wasn’t an abduction, I wasn’t sucked out of my bed through the walls, I walked on board voluntarily; and what I saw there wasn’t grays and they didn’t seem to have the preoccupation with anal probes so often reported by people believing they’ve been abducted.

I am inclined to believe there is a reality to alien abductions. Serious investigators like professor John Mack seem to be predisposed to fatal accidents when they start to draw too much attention. There is a lot of commonality in what people report and so many people involved. If this were a psychological phenomena and not something real, the sudden cessation of abductions wouldn’t have occurred.

The cessation of abductions does concern me because there are a number of possibilities and they aren’t all positive. I’ve elaborated before on what I thought the grays agenda might be and it is just speculation so I might be totally wrong, but if I am not, then the cessation of abductions can have three possible explanations.

First, they might have failed in their project, given up, and gone home. That’s about the best we can hope for I think. Second, another group of aliens might be interfering on our behalf, then you have to wonder what that groups agenda might be? A third and frightening possibility is that they’ve perfected their hybrid race and now they’re in the process of taking over the planet; perhaps terraforming it, global warming, which actually would make sense if I am correct with respect to their agenda.

I think it’s in our best interest to find out. That was one of my motivations for starting this blog, also just to share my experience. I also had hoped to hear from others, and I have. But the blog by nature is not terribly interactive, so I created the UFO forum for that but participation has been low. So I take this opportunity again, please sign up and share your story with us.

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