A recent comment on the photograph I recently posted suggested perhaps that it was necessary to explain what I mean when I use the term “UFO”, UFO is unidentified flying object. Unidentified is the operative word here. I don’t know what it is, but I have a reasonable idea of what it is not or else I wouldn’t have found it interesting enough to post here.

A UFO might be an alien space ship, that’s probably what most people think it is. It might be a piece of space junk re-entering, an unfamiliar aircraft, a meteor, any number of things.

In the most recent image and other images I have posted, there are enough pixels to determine the general shape of the object and in all cases so far the reflective characteristics. I have enough experience with this camera to know that if I photograph an airplane, and it’s focused, that I will be able to make out structures such as wings and a fuselage down to one or two pixels.

Only when I can’t find a reasonable explanation, a helicopter, conventional aircraft, bird, balloon, blimp, etc, if I can’t identify it and there is enough visual information to know it’s something out of the ordinary, then I consider it worth posting.

I do so in the hopes that additional information that might be provided by others might result in identification of the object in question. I also do so with the knowledge that extraterrestrials have come here in the past and so that possibility does exist. But just calling an object a UFO does not imply extraterrestrial craft automatically.

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