This photo contains a couple of objects which may or may not be mundane terrestrial flying objects. On the left you will notice what looks like a bird, but zoom in, can’t see a tail.

On the right, what looks vaguely like a helicopter but up close it is strikingly different. I didn’t hear a helicopter at the time but it may have been sufficiently distant that I could not hear it where I was standing.

I took this photo on the south side of Alki Point. It was 97°F that day. The heat caused a lot of atmospheric turbulence that distorted and blurred distant objects. Additionally, there was a lot of atmospheric haze and so most everything you see here was in a blue haze.

I’ve tweaked the RGB brightness curves separately to enhance color and contrast. Expanding a very narrow range of brightness results in expanding noise as well. Subsequent to making curve adjustments, I used a digital camera noise reduction algorithm that is present in Paintshop Pro. Basically, I am trying to bring a very marginal video signal out of the noise.

Unidentified Flying Objects

This is at full resolution and can not be further enlarged.

Unidentified Flying Objects

Full Frame

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Full Frame with UFOs.

Please take these things into consideration when you view this photograph. I am posting it here, largely as an example of what extreme processing can do under very marginal conditions because you will see photographs like this posted elsewhere advertised as alien craft when in fact it’s impossible to tell visually what something this close to the noise threshold is.

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