ET Typology

I received an two e-mails today from Dimitris Hatzopoulos that were blind carbon copied to me. The second of the two stated, “Feel free to copy / share / remix or link any of my work.”

As it happens, I already have a link in the sidebar to his website Best UFO Resources. I find him to be a credible and dedicated researcher with a genuine interest in the field so I shall relate what was related to me in his e-mail and comment upon it as I feel appropriate.

He states:

Attempting a typology based on the CE3 cases witness descriptions. I found intriguing the apparent similarities between (listed in Chronological order, as SOM101 was received in Mar-1994):

1/ CE3 Caponi, Italy 1993 (photos and story)
2/ Magestic-12 SOM1-01 description of EBE Type I
3/ CE3 Varginha, Brazil 1996 (for which A.J. Gevaerd said there are over 80 direct first hand witnesses)

There are many web pages on the Caponi and Varginha cases, I list several sources in:

Look at the Caponi pictures at:

The Varginha case witnesses talk about “oily brown skin”, “very small hands with three extremely long fingers”, “huge veins running down it’s neck” (perhaps the tubes seen in the Caponi’s photos?). There is a difference in the description of length of arms and legs, but the being seen by the three girls at at Varginha was seen in kneeling position (which incidentally is also how Caponi’s sketch depicts it). Apparently, the Caponi being is wearing a jumpsuit and “helmet” in all but the last photo.

MJ12 SOM010 (which I don’t find very convincing, but which the MJ12 researcher’s have worked on for years, their website rates the highest rate of confidence) describes EBE-Type-I with a round cranium, chalky-yellow pebbled skin, 4 long digits, and legs which are bowed and proportinately large.

Caponi ET photograph

Caponi ET Photo

Look at the legs in this photo from:

They appear as if they are made out of crumpled paper. I strongly suspect that’s because they are. Looking at this, what I see are some old grocery bags with some shellac on the final project once it had dried.

The Brazil case is another matter. Although there is much that suggests there is a reality to this event, the verifiable strange death of a 23 year old policemen that touched the alien, over 80 witness accounts, the description seems quite different from the Caponi ET. The drawings are also much different leading me to believe that the Varginha Brazil case, while interesting, is unrelated to Caponi.

So in short, I find it difficult to lump these two together in any sort of typology, I see Caponi as type PaperMache, and Varginha as probably real and unique.

His second e-mail I will not reproduce in full because it only referenced a photo on taken in December of 2007 by Lynn in MA.

Dimitris takes issue with Jeff’s comments on, I take issues with both of them.

I do not feel there is enough information in the photo to come to the information in the photos to come to the conclusion that the blue glow is UV or that it’s the glow of ionized air, or anything else.