StealthSkater Archive, Orbs, Other Phenomena

I’ve added a link to StealthSkater Archive on the sidebar. It’s a site covering cosmology, physics, UFO’s, time travel, the Philadelphia experiment and Montauk, military hardware, and psychic phenomena such as remote viewing. They’re trying to relate all of this under some unifying theory and that is more or less the same thing I’m trying to do here.

I found out about this from a post to the GreenGlow Yahoo Group. The latter is a good resource for those who have a serious interest in alternate physics theories. Also, for those curious, the original GreenGlow website is at

Mainstream physics says the nearest star is too far for practical space travel. Several species of humanoids, distinctly unearthly in appearance, arrive in craft, also having a distinctively unearthly appearance and function. It suggests something seriously wrong, or at the very least incomplete, with mainstream physics.

While I haven’t photographed anymore orbs myself recently, I’ve received numerous reports from individuals, I’ll post more on that subject shortly.

One thing I have photographed regularly recently is truly unidentified; while taking night photos, I am from time to time getting these black specs in the sky below the level of the clouds. To date they’ve been too small to determine anything about them other than they are darker than the clouds that they are below. They’ve been too far to even determine an approximate shape. It’s quite possible these are entirely natural phenomena, birds, bats, bugs, but I haven’t noticed them until recently.