Unidentified Flying AssholesWhen we have a situation that we have absolutely no control over; when we might be invaded, slaughtered, enslaved, perhaps leading to our understanding that we are really not on the top of the food chain, it’s stressful.

So for those of you who have a sense of humor, here is a little stress relief in the form of a game in which you get to the nasty alien.


In the past I’ve posted a number of photographs I’ve taken of “orb” UFO’s in Western Washington, as well as some taken by people in Surrey, BC, Canada, and Portland, Oregon. These things are turning up all over world and now they are showing up on Google’s satellite imagery though it seems they don’t keep the same data long as shortly after someone points them out they change the photos.

Here are a few examples of the orbs that I photographed and then I’ll provide some from Google Maps satellite imagery (and apparently these are showing up in Google Earth as well though I haven’t run across any yet).

Photographed from North the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry to the North

North of Edmonds

Photographed from Richmond Beach looking North

North of Richmond Beach

Part of a formation phographed from Juanita Beach in Kirkland looking West

West of Juanita Beach

The whole formation photographed from Juanita Beach

Entire UFO Formation from Juanita Beach

All of these objects have in common a solid spherical appearance, a silvery-white color, and they appear to reflect the sky and ground.

Here are some now that have showed up on Google Maps taken from this post in Google site seeing:

Something interesting to notice about this also is even when seen relatively close up in Google’s satellite image, the edges are blurry, not well defined. In the photo I took at Richmond Beach, in the full frame there was also an old house in the photo with a television antenna way up north and the camera was sufficiently well focused that features of the antenna only one pixel wide were visible, yet the object was somewhat blurred like this. Likewise, the person in Surrey BC has observed them through a telescope and that same fuzziness is visible to them. It appears as if there is a solid sphere that is fairly well outlined, and then a fuzzy semitransparent area that lets part of the background through as seen in this satellite photograph.

The objects I photographed from the ground, in the case of Juanita, they were just into the clouds, and a commercial airliner passed shortly thereafter and from that I can estimate that these aren’t that large, maybe 12-14 feet, considerably smaller than the fuselage diameter of the airliner (and it wasn’t a huge airliner, smaller jet not a jumbo jet).

I don’t know what these things are but the way they tend to hover over populated areas for long periods of time I would suspect they have some sort of reconnaissance function. The big question is are they “ours”, meaning human origin, or “theirs”, some alien intelligence. Even if they are ours, I am inclined to believe not of our elected government, but then I’m not sure our elected government runs much of anything anymore.

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