Unidentified submerged objects, UFO’s underwater. Stories of strange lights, sometimes in connection with lightning, sometimes not, spinning wheels of light underwater, sightings of crafts entering and leaving water, all indications that beings that come here from far away don’t limit themselves to land.

It’s not surprising that a species capable of navigating interstellar space can also navigate our oceans. Faster than Light travel involves a lot of potential complications, not the least of which is actually getting to and past light speed, thinking in conventional terms.

Let’s assume for a moment that problem has been solved, then what? Navigation becomes interesting, we can’t depend upon any electromagnetic signals for navigation as we’d outrun any originating from Earth, and any signals originating from our destination would be blue shifted incredibly.

Interstellar space is also anything but a perfect vacuum. Interstellar space has gas, dust, even an occasional rogue planet or black hole. There is an incredible amount of things to run into when traveling light years. If we could go faster than the speed of light in normal physical terms, how do we interact with matter that is moving faster than the speed of light relative to us? I know Einstein says it’s not possible, but I’ve been aboard a craft that wasn’t from Kansas, I know that it is.

I suspect the key to interstellar travel involves more than physical technology, I think it’s a mind / spirit issue. Out of body, I can travel faster than the speed of light, but interestingly not infinitely fast, to go 40,000 light years takes subjectively about 15 seconds. When out of body, my intent is all it takes to bring me to my destination. Just think about going somewhere and I’m en-route. If it’s relatively local, like Mars, I’m there, if its’ 40,000 light years away, I travel for about 15 seconds, and it doesn’t seem linear, I feel my weight go away, I feel acceleration, I see black, and then I’m there.

I suspect these craft operate in a similar manner, there was no physical controls, no furniture, no food storage or water storage, no sleep facilities, not even any chairs, the craft I encountered. Now, it has been pointed out to me that it may also just be a shuttle of sorts, with a mother ship waiting in orbit, but I don’t believe that is the case. I am of the opinion that there are a variety of species coming here using a variety of technologies, so it may well be there are other craft that operate in this manner.

If, in this mode of travel, they do not interact with ordinary matter, then it follows that they may be capable not only of underwater operation, but even going right through the Earth or Jupiter, or the Sun.

I’ve read reports of people seeing craft cloaking or decloaking, and I’ve seen videos of this. And yes, I know what you can do with video production software and there is no shortage of video hoakum out there, but I’ve also seem some video that I feel was genuine, based both on looking at it frame by frame and really examining it closely, and based upon a gut feeling I get watching it, in one case, it seemed to trigger a memory that also invoked a great deal of fear, and yet, I can’t pin it down.

So perhaps their cloaked state is somehow entering into the same state my soul or spirit or whatever it is that is me less my body, travels. Maybe their technology is one that understands the nature of the soul or spirit. The species I encountered wasn’t the grays, but I do hear from people who claim they are interested in souls, but I don’t know if this is really true or just the interpretations of people with fundamentalist religious bias, in other words, if they can’t understand it in terms of their world view, it must be of Satan, then again, anal probes sound pretty Satanic.

I always wondered about where the idea that hell is down, heaven is up, came from. Granted, it’s definitely hot as we move towards the Earth’s center, so maybe the ancients looked at volcanoes spewing lava and thought it was hell leaking out. St. Helens definitely impressed me as being hellish; particularly the effect it had on Spirit Lake; I visited a week before it exploded, and then after saw the exact same location where we were. I could recognize the geography, that’s how I knew it was the same place, but it was completely devoid of life, an instant moonscape.

Ah well, I don’t know, wish these beings would come explain it all to me. Curious me is just bugged about this.

Joan Ocean and ET Friends

I added a link to Joan Ocean and ET Friends, a site I ran across while doing a Google search for underwater ET phenomena.

Coast to Coast AM had a guest who talked about underwater UFO’s and such. I became curious as to whether or not this sphere phenomena also manifests under water. I ran across some photos from Google Earth that looked like the sphere’s from a distance but zoomed in they clearly had a more disk like structure rather than spherical.

Still I find it interesting in part because the craft I had an encounter with 40 years ago was similarly shaped, and in part because someone who had been involved in sonar mapping of the ocean floor decades ago had said something to me about encountering a disk structure deep under water. Interestingly, the disks that show up on Google Earth underwater are in shallow water.

Joan Ocean and ET Friends isn’t what I was really looking for, I had hoped to find photographs, Joan talks to Dolphins and the site also features channeling. I have to say that’s really not part of my personal experience, I’ve never channeled anyone nor known anyone who channeled. I did read Jane Robert’s Seth material but that’s about it.

However, I know my UFO encounter is as strange to people who haven’t had one as ghosts and channeling are to me, so I don’t dismiss it out of hand, I just try to look at the material and look at the message and not worry too much about the messenger.

Overall it is fairly well put together; the graphics are creative, and there are interesting accounts. It’s another piece of the puzzle that’s worth spending some time absorbing.

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