Slow Flames Moving Across Sky

In the summer of 2006, I photographed a silver spherical object, and then over the next year, I photographed similar objects several additional times, in one event a group of six of them. Then I was contacted by someone in Surrey BC Canada who was regularly photographing and observing them, then by someone in Portland Oregon that videoed one for almost half an hour, and then I started finding these in Google satellite imagery, and photographs started popping up from populated regions all over the world. Coincident with these, the reports of alien abductions ceased.

Recently, another phenomena has started to appear and that is in the form of an orange flame slowly moving across the sky. Some people describe flames dripping off like burning plastic.

In the videos I’ve seen there is distinctly two or more flames attached. These appear much like a rocket exhaust except that if it were a rocket after that long of a burn it would have been accelerated to very high velocities but instead it just moves slowly across the sky. Also you can’t see the source of the flame; it almost looks like a shuttle exhaust without the shuttle except that it’s also missing most of the smoke.

If you do a search on youtube, you’ll find there are videos of these from all over the world, not a phenomena specific to the United States.

So I’d like to encourage anyone who has seen, photographed, or videoed one of these to leave a comment or e-mail with the details. If someone out there happens to know what these are, please do say.

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