UForth Guide to UFO Shapes and Configurations

I’ve added a new site to the resource links on the sidebar, UForth, A World Guide to UFO Shapes and Configurations. I stumbled across this site while looking for information on Orb or Sphere type UFOs which are of particular interest to me because I’ve photographed them on three occasions and because credible reports of UFO abduction cases seem to have stopped about the same time these started showing up in large numbers, in the late summer of 2006.

This site categorizes various UFO shapes and provides some information about what is known about various types. It has some fairly good photographs and is a good resource to go look at if you spot something and want to find out of if someone might have photographed something like what you just saw.

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Further Analysis – Unidentified Fixed Object

UFO Overlay

In an attempt to improve the signal to noise ratio on the image and hopefully see more detail, I overlaid the three good images so that the signals would add and some of the noise would average out.

This allowed me to brighten the dark area a bit and then I did some digital signal noise reduction on it to try to further see details in the noise.

A couple of things became apparent; the UFO hadn’t moved AT ALL between the three images, they lined up exactly, when the background lined up, so did the UFO.

Second, with the background slightly less noisy I could see some dark details. As I brought the brightness up slightly, it looks to me like that object just might be the roof of an A-frame house or building. It is barely discernible, so much so that I can’t be sure, but I think I’m seeing a building there.

So this might be just a metallic roof on a building that happened to be at just the right angle to reflect sunlight back at me and not so interesting after all.

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