Aliens and UFO – Christianity

I’m a Christian and I find myself often at odds with fellow Christians over the subject of aliens and UFO’s.  Their position frequently seems to be that aliens are really demons sent here by Satan, that God didn’t create any habitable planets other than Earth, else he would have mentioned them in the Bible.

My position has been that God is much greater than that, infinite in fact, and he’s had plenty of time, especially since he’s outside of time and thus has infinity, to create plenty of planets and everything he does is not recorded in the Bible.  That is made clear at the conclusion of John where he talks about if all the things Jesus had done had been recorded the world itself could not contain all the books.  And we also know, again through John, that all things that were made were made through him.

Fast forward to the beginning of Hebrews where it talks about all the worlds made through him and you will note that “worlds” is plural, not singular.  I.E., Earth ain’t God’s only project.  One can only speculate on what he did with those other worlds but I’m hard pressed to believe a living God would make all but one world dead.  I think it’s more likely that there are many living planets.  How many of them having intelligent life, and of that intelligent life how much is capable of free will, that would appear to be open to speculation.

What Jesus’ role on other planets is, that again is open to speculation.  I don’t know.  But I do know an infinite God is capable of a lot more than one planet in a huge cosmos.

Why We Haven’t Returned To The Moon

This is primarily a test of a video embedding plugin for WordPress.  I do agree with the premise of this video but close in shots of out of focus dust grains, lens flare, and other photographic artifacts do more to discredit what they’re arguing for than to support it.  The things they are referring to as tracks, yes some of those are interesting, but to be visible from Earth, even with a powerful telescope, must be a feature much bigger than tracks, such as a fault-line.

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