Gray Alien Emotions

One of the things I’ve heard many abduction experiencers and others who have had encounters with the Grays say is that they do not have emotions like us.  They say their emotional spectrum is extremely limited.  They do have anger, situations where they get frustrated or a little peeved seem to come up but not the kind of raging anger we get.  They have some degree of happiness, but nothing that would be described as the joy we sense.  They don’t seem to have a very evolved sense of humor, and little in the way of aesthetics.

I have believed for some time that the Grays are actually our distant descendents.  The reason I believe this is that the hybridization program makes sense in this context.  DNA couldn’t be hybridized unless the cellular genetic machinery is the same.  If their cells don’t make the right proteins in response to our DNA or ours in response to theirs, then hybridization isn’t viable.  The only way that can happen is if we are related.  Two independently evolved lifeforms would not share enough genetic machinery to make a hybrid viable.

There is another aspect of their hybridization program that leads credence to the idea that they are our descendents, and that is that the abduction phenomena happens along family lines.  If you are an abduction victim, then likely so is at least one of your parents, and your children will also be abducted.  One explanation for this is that those families are the ones that survived the evolutionary process, they grays are specifically their descendants, and thus they are most likely to be genetically compatible.  Those of us that aren’t being abducted, we didn’t make the genetic grade.

In light of this I feel a bit saddened, because their lack of emotional spectrum is where we are headed.  In my own lifetime, and I’m 54 now, I have already seen a societal trend towards the greys existence, more of a beehive society, lack of a sense of humor in many people, the aesthetics certainly seem to be shifting in the direction of the grays, away from any form of craftsmanship and towards the merely functional.

A few examples, when I was a kid, a television was a piece of furniture in a big usually quite nice wooden cabinet.  You could buy your television in a Cherry cabinet or Maple.  Today’s televisions come in a black plastic case, no craftsmanship what-so-ever, just functionality.  And this is only to mention the box itself, and not the degeneration of the programming.

When I was a kid, houses were individually designed and built.  Today they build a development with 200 of them all the same.  Cars had fins.  They served no practical purpose, they just looked cool, purely aesthetic.  Radio stations had DJ’s and announcers that spun records, these days the vast majority are automated.

I could go on, but the point is the Grays as they are described, we’re headed there, and it’s an existence that I find difficulty finding meaning in, at least as much as we know of it.  It seems to be an existence centered around survival rather than living.

But, we may not be living quite the same future they are, because they came back in time and interacted with us, and in so doing altered the timeline.  Perhaps, by giving us a glimpse of what we became in their timeline we have a choice and can become something else.  Current trends suggest that we haven’t made the right choice but I’m still hoping people will wake up and choose something different and better.