Alternative to Star Trek Vision in a Dream

I dreamt of an interstellar, maybe even intergalactic interspecies civilization this morning that was different than the Star Trek vision of mostly single races with a few extras (say primarily humans with a Vulcan or Klingon thrown in) on a large space craft warping through space with stars whizzing by (totally ignoring Doppler shift).

First, the ships didn’t warp through space the way they do in Star Trek.  If you’re a lucid dreamer and you’ve experienced the think about being somewhere and you’re there kind of travel, almost instantaneous unless you’re going across the galaxy, a 40,000 light-year move might have a subjective experience of several seconds, that’s the way the ship I got to travel on was.

Second, the way this group handled “first contact”, not at all Star Trek method, they didn’t contact a planet or a government, they contacted individuals and invited them into their group when they were ready.  There may be many residing on Earth travelling and interacting with this group now, we’d never know.

Last, the ship I saw wasn’t primarily any one race and the species there. While mostly hominid, were far more diverse than anything ever pictured on Star Trek, skin colours across the rainbow, heights from two to ten feet, various body shapes, about the only recognizable race amongst the group was there were two what we would call “greys” aboard, out of maybe a hundred individuals, and mostly just one of each species, the two greys were the only notable exception.

New Theme

I had to change the theme because the Asteroid theme would not work properly with WP Edit which is an editor for WordPress that I prefer because it adds useful capabilities like font family / size / color changes and super/subscripting, special characters, and other useful stuff.  With Asteroid, it would give you an editing window of about 2 lines of 60 characters.  Okay if you’re composing tweets, no good for blog entries.  I hope you enjoy the new theme, Decemberable.  It’s a bit more airy than I would prefer, might tweak the CSS a bit later.