Extraterrestrials Interacting with Earth

  It has been 48 years since my extraterrestrial contact experience.

     Over the years, I had hoped I would read about, see a video about, talk to someone about, someone who has met this particular race but to date that has not happened.  I didn’t meet the grays or the Nordics or the insectoids or any of the other type that I see often read about in the media.  To the best of my knowledge I wasn’t anal probed although they did take two small skin samples.  They did not telepathically communicate with me very much and my encounter was an invitation rather than an abduction.  The bulk of their communications with me were via hand signals, they were familiar with how humans motion someone to come to them or point at something.  The creatures were beige rather than gray in color, but small, about 4-1/2 feet, hands had neither nails or suction cups like the grays, eyes were constructed like ours only larger.  No hair, did not notice ears, small nose and mouth.  Head was larger in proportion to their bodies than ours but not anything like the grays and their bodies were small so their heads were on the order of the same size as ours.  They were smooth not wrinkled like the grays.  They move more stiffly than an average person but not to the point of seeming military. They wore a green jumpsuit, it had a metallic sheen, appeared to be a very tightly woven metallic fabric.

     The ship looked similar to that portrayed in the Day the Earth Stood Still except it did not sit on the ground but rather on a tripod consisting of three rather skinny legs given the size of the craft (about 25 feet in diameter) with flat pads on the bottom.  It had a ramp down to the ground but it did not come up to the level of the interior floor, rather about two feet above it with a smaller ramp leading down inside.  There was what appeared to be a glass tube of about 3-4 inches in minor diameter and just under the diameter of the craft in major diameter.  It was supported to the interior wall by periodically placed supports.  They and the exterior fo the craft appeared similar to brushed aluminum.  The tube appeared to be filled with mercury, there were two copper coils around it of approximately 16 gauge copper enameled wire about one inch wide and about one inch of copper deep separated by rectangular separators, higher than they were deep, of a phenolic like material and similar on either side to contain the wire.  The wire was not neatly wound but more or less random.  The wire hooked to a device that looked like a large car battery with external cell connectors and they appeared to be lead.  There were no visible electronics or controls there or anywhere.  There were no visible lights yet the craft was light inside and myself, the creatures, and the only single piece of furniture, a table, did not cast shadows.  The under side of the craft was curved and the floor was level so there was a place where more equipment could be under the floor but there was no visible means of access.  There was no food facilities, bathroom facilities, or even chairs, which suggested to me either they could get from one point in space to another instantly and thus had no need, or they met up with a mother ship but I had the distinct impression it was the former.

     I am kind of reiterating a bit my previous post in 2009 describing my experience in hopes that someone else who has seen these ships or beings will contact me.  I was I am quite sure invited onto this craft for the primary purpose of being shown this technology.  Why a ten year old?  Well, I was interested in electro-magnetics, had constructed a number of high voltage devices along the lines of many of Tesla’s toys, and in 5th grade was reading at a 12th grade level.  I believed there would be life elsewhere in the universe given it’s vastness.  So possibly a combination of my interests and intelligence, but I feel like they expected seeing this device in such a primitive almost schematic state, certainly it was constructed out of Earth materials familiar to me for my benefit, I am sure their machining capability would have provided for a much more advanced less crude construction.  I feel like they were trying to show me an important physical principal, to be shared with my fellow human beings, that could be built with our construction techniques and materials, but I failed them in not understanding it’s principal of operation, but also perhaps they were able to see into the future and they have seeded others with a piece of the puzzle and at some point we’d come together and figure it out.  At least that is my hope now and why I am writing this.  One thing that has intrigued me is the description of vimanas where they describe a mercury vortex engine capable of taking them to other planets.  Big glass tube filled with mercury, a diamagnetic fluid, in a continuous ring, with two electromagnets around one point of it.  Kind of sounds like the ancient Indians may have been familiar with the same technology.

     On the off chance they are still monitoring me, I would love to have another invitation and meeting.  Perhaps with a little coaching I could get it.  I didn’t get a chance to have a ride, the craft was on the ground the whole time, at least up to the point where I was rendered unconsciousness, and that part by the way I do object to.  I realize that perhaps it was for me own benefit, the skin samples may have been painful otherwise but surely they must be familiar with the concept of anesthetics, that portion of the peripheral nervous system can be rendered inoperative without rendering inoperative the central nervous system, and a portion of me was taken without my consent although I did come aboard voluntarily with no idea of what would happen but then I did feel that if I didn’t come voluntarily if they wanted to do something sinister they would have anyway and frankly my life sucked at the time so if it was going to be over then that didn’t seem so terrible either.

     Now at 58, I know it could be over soon, a minute from now or maybe 50 years from now though the odds favor the former over the latter, and that I guess gives me a sense of urgency.  If I am intended to meet other humans who have had encounters to put this puzzle together then I wish for that to happen, I’ve searched the internet for things like “Beige Aliens” and “mercury glass tube”, but haven’t located anyone.  I’m hoping Google will index this and someone else doing a similar search will find me.  By the way, e-mail is nanook@eskimo.com, so if you wish to contact me privately as opposed to leaving a comment here, you can do so, but if you’re a spammer contacting to sell me something don’t bother, I as a matter of personal policy, absolutely will never buy from a spammer.

     And on the off chance these beings are monitoring me and my communications, I’d welcome another visit but you do NOT have permission to take parts of my body without first explaining what part, how pain will be prevented, and telling me your intended use of it, and you do NOT have my permission to render me unconscious.  I know you may not respect my wishes but I thought I’d make them clear anyway.  And I would very much like a ride.  I would very much like a visit to your home planet if there wasn’t a danger of bringing back a bad microbe like when the Europeans introduced bad diseases to the “native” Americans, I use that term loosely since at some point in history all of our descendants immigrated from Africa.  Well some folks believe extraterrestrials created us by tweaking the genetics of our animal ancestors.  I’m disinclined to believe this but if I’m wrong, I welcome your correction.  If I can be used in some way that will advance my species on this planet, I would welcome that.  I would really like to see an end to war, bloodshed, poverty, and repression, and the horrid destruction of our environment.  I would like our species to see itself as one species and not a bunch of tribes.  And I’d really love to learn how to fly your craft, navigate in space, learn about your language, methods of communication, and culture.

     So any humans ore extraterrestrial intelligences that wish to contact me about any of these subjects, I welcome your contact.