ET Music

     Aliens and music… I would like to know if ANYONE has had any sort of alien encounter that involved music?

     We humans have the ability to discern frequencies which are harmonically related or fractionally harmonically related and these frequencies form the basis of melody. Also we have extraordinarily precise timing ability. While I can see some survival value to the later, the former it is not obvious to me how being able to recognize harmonically related frequencies is relevant to our survival.

     Other animals also have some of these capabilities. I’ve heard numerous parrots recite songs quite accurately and even seen a chicken play America the Beautiful by pecking it out on a keyboard. As someone who really enjoys music, if joining the cosmic community does not also involve sharing music with other species, I’m going to be very disappointed.

     So the question is, is this a facility strictly limited to Earth derived brains or is it universal? If it is universal why have I never read of it as a component of any alien-human interactions?

     Close Encounters of the Third Kind obviously played on this theme since music formed the basis for communications and it’s always been my impression that Spielberg had some inside information.