Alien Mummies

     When I first saw these I thought cool paper mache aliens, but now that they’ve examined these, cat scanned them, etc, it appears they are genuine.  This is solid proof of ancient alien visitors in the era between 210-450 AD, and if they could visit us then, surely they are able to and likely doing so now.

Captive Alien Video

     I don’t know how real this video is but it’s more convincing than many of the supposed gray interviews.

     If this is puppetry it’s very good, if it’s animation, it is very well done. I am disinclined to believe it’s either, yet the video is doctored with this fake interference both in the introduction and in the video and this detracts from it’s believability.

     I have heard from people who worked at S4 that captive grays on Earth developed a bone disease over time that resulted in a hunched over stance, just as demonstrated in this video.

     I am curious why this particular alien is unclothed.  The one encounter I had 50 years ago involved aliens that were clothed in a suite that appeared to be made up of a metallic fiber, it was an iridescent green like you see on some beetles and other bugs.  But it’s skin color was a beige not gray and I can see there some hint of that colorization in this video.

     The head shape of the creature in this video is also similar to what I saw and very unlike those in the interview video.

Orbs affecting Clouds

     I am not surprised that this orb is affecting the clouds around them.  I have photographed these not moving as in this video but with still pictures.  I have also seen these in Google Earth looking down from above them and they bend the light around them which suggests they somehow warp space-time around them or change the refractive index of the atmosphere surrounding them somehow.  I also know someone who photographs them at night from Vancouver BC, Canada, and that person has an infrared camera.  They glow brightly in the infrared.  Heating the surrounding air would have the effect of allowing it to take up more moisture evaporating the surrounding cloud water droplets.