Been listening to various SERPO interviews tonight.  So much inconsistencies, one author claims they allowed couples to have only one child, others claim they are allowed two children.  Not a lot of details about the planet.  What is known is inconsistent with what they actually know.  The story has the planet orbiting a binary pair, both suns appeared large in the sky, but reality is that Zeta Reticule star system has the stars distant enough that if one was a Sun to people on the planet, the other would at best be an exceptionally bright star.  The authors I am listening to tonight all suggest that this story was provided by “anonymous” in 2005, but I’ve seen VHS tapes in the early 80’s passed around among people like myself who have had alien contacts.  And really the story is the basis of Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977.  So the meme has been around at least since the mid 70’s.  One thing that was interesting is that they claimed they had their own kind of music.  This and the movie Close Encounters are the only alien related stories that I have heard involve music.

     Based upon one out of body travel experience I had many years ago, I believe that Alpha Centauri has a super-Earth.  It is a rocky planet within the habitable zone, much of the surface covered with water, as with Earth, but when you view Earth from space you can see how relatively thin the atmosphere is, it looks like just a thin line at the edge of the planet, but this planet it was a wide band above ground, and water clouds are distributed at various heights such that when you view this planet from space you can really see a dimensionality to the clouds that is much more pronounced than Earth.  This is the 4th planet around Alpha Centauri.  Alpha Centauri is about 1.05 solar masses and has very similar spectral output. I know there is some sort of intelligent life on the planet because myself and another traveler decided to go to the nearest planet with intelligent life and that is where we both arrived.