Higgs and ET

     I believe we are on the edge of understanding the technologies that extraterrestrials use to achieve faster than light velocities, near infinite actually.  I believe the same technologies allow them to pass through walls, ceilings, or even planets.

     Much of our technology today is based upon the manipulation of electromagnetic fields.  We’ve been able to create computers, radio and television, a telephone system, electrical motors and generators, and many other devices that have greatly improved our standard of living.

     If we had the ability to manipulate the Higgs field to the same degree we can manipulate the electromagnetic field, we could do everything we observe extraterrestrials doing.

     If one could effectively decouple the Higgs field from matter, it would then take an infinitely small amount of energy to accelerate that matter to infinite velocities.  Since that matter would not have mass, the speed of light, would no longer be an issue, acceleration to infinite speeds instantly and instant deceleration would be trivial.  The right angle turns at 5000 miles per hour that we observe alien craft making would become trivial.

     Material passing through other material would also become trivial, individual atoms moving out of the way would encounter no resistance without mass and the inertia it confers.

     I believe there are some hints as to how to accomplish this available to us and I believe there is some form of coupling between the Higgs field and the electro-magnetic field that can be exploited to manipulate the Higgs.  I believe there are two specific areas where coupling occasionally makes itself apparent, the first is rotating or resonant electromagnetic fields involving high electrostatic potentials, and the second in areas of diamagnetism or opposing magnetic fields.  Why these high voltages are necessary is not something I understand but they seem to be involved in the operation of some space craft and also in the Philadelphia experiment, and the Hutchison Effect.  Diamagnetism and/or opposing magnetic fields seem to be involved both in the ancient description of Vimana in ancient Sanskrit texts, and UFO encounter I had when I was almost ten years old (50 years ago).

Take a look at this video from John Hutchison:

     I think we are at about the same level of understanding of the Higgs field and how we might manipulate it as we were in our understanding of the electromagnetic field 250 years ago.  However, I believe our understanding of the Higgs will progress far more rapidly than the electromagnetic field did both because we have a better theoretical model of the universe or multiverse today than we did 250 years ago and because the Internet allows instant communications world wide and thus allows us to collaborate on an ad-hock scale that was impossible even 30 years ago.