Art Bell Retired Again

Art Bell retires from Coast-to-Coast AM again saying he wants to be able to spend more time with his new wife and daughter. Well, I guess doing a 4 hour show two days out of the week would take a lot of time away from family. I can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with the merger between Clear Channel and Mergerco.

I hope you will forgive my cynicism but I can’t help but feel there are issues, other than those stated publicly, involved in both this retirement and previous retirements. That said I’d like to state a few of my beliefs and suspicions. These are nothing more than my beliefs and opinions. I’ll make that clear from the onset in hopes it will dissuade Art Bell and Clear Channel from suing me.

First, a lot of people were critical of Art Bell remarrying only three months and a few days after Ramona’s death. They have suggested that Art was “vulnerable”, or that Airyn is a “mail order bride”. I have even read one blog in which the poster suggested that he “disposed of Ramona and bought a new wife”.

Art Bell lives in Pahrump, Nevada. Prostitution is legal in Nevada counties with low populations and I believe that includes Nye county. Art Bell has large amounts of money. If all he wanted was a hot Asian girl to bang he wouldn’t have much difficulty obtaining same without the commitment that goes with marriage or the publicity.

Although it might seem disrespectful to many that he remarried so soon, it is a statistical fact that when men in a good marriage lose their spouse to death, they remarry substantially sooner on average than men who were in bad marriages.

Having listened to Art Bell over the years, having read his autobiography, and having seen many photos of him with Ramona, I do believe his love for her was very real and that their marriage was very good.

If he were going to mail order a bride, the Philippines wouldn’t be the best option because divorce isn’t even a legal option there. I don’t know what the effect of a legal annulment in the United States would be in light of the fact that the marriage took place in the Philippines. Suffice it to say that he could have gone with some lower risk options.

He generally speaks glowingly of various network officers but I wonder if things are as rosy there as the picture he paints. If you look at the rest of Clear Channels hosts, Art Bell seems very out of place.

Prior to the Clear Channel takeover, Art Bell didn’t use call screeners and did generally have interesting guests. Now calls are screened and the guests all seem to be selling something, usually pushing a new book. The commercial load seems up considerably. These don’t impress me as things that Art Bell would not accept without some resistance but perhaps I am wrong.

During the last retirement, which was somewhat lengthy, one of the substitute hosts that got a long run was Mike Siegel, who I personally couldn’t stand for a variety of reasons. Those of you who had heard Mike Siegel on KVI would know that prior to taking the position on Coast-to-Coast AM, he was a right wing political talk show host.

Ian Punnett, who will replace Art Bell on the weekends, seems to be largely apolitical, reasonably knowledgeable, and reasonably capable of handling callers in a civil and non-abrasive manner. However, for reasons I can’t nail down, he never has impressed me as being as interesting as Art Bell.

Many years ago I heard rumors that Art Bell was connected with the DIA. Whether there was any truth to these rumors or not, I don’t know. I have for many years had the sense that someone else was calling the shots.

I have found his position on various wars disturbing, justification for our continued presence in Iraq, or the continual push for war with Iran. To be specific about what I mean about Iran, he keeps pushing the line that the president of Iran wanted to “wipe Israel off the map”, but neglected to mention that that quote was actually part of a speech in which he is quoting Khomeini and setting himself apart from Khomeini’s policies, which means, taken in context he is saying exactly the opposite of what is being implied by the out of context quotes.

I have written to him on this topic and neither received any reply nor have I heard any on-air correction or attempt to place the quote in the proper context.

I find his penchant for revenge troubling. It’s hard for me to believe that after all of the years of marriage to Ramona and his long time friendship with Evelyn Paglini, he would not understand karma and the connectedness of all things and why revenge is not such a good thing for the person seeking it.

Art Bell received some items that were allegedly recovered from the Roswell UFO crash. I am of the belief that the crash really occurred and that these parts wouldn’t have been allowed to remain in civilian possession if they were genuine, and because of certain characteristics of the parts, I do believe they were genuine. All of this leads me to believe that Art Bell probably has some military intelligence ties.

So now that he’s off the air again, I wonder what is up? What’s getting ready to go down? The world has been strange lately.

There are some of my random thoughts. I don’t know if I am pleased or disappointed that he retired again, but I am not surprised.

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  1. Interesting observations. I personally really enjoy Art’s shows, almost as much as George Noory’s.

    Find it disturbing what you say about call-screening and book-promotion. Coast has almost a religious following for its unique alternative positioning.( I subscribe from the UK after hearing it in the US )

    As for Ian Punnet, he’s certainly objective and capable, but the reason you’re uncomfortable with him is that he simply doesn’t have the maturity and experience of Noory and Bell. I find he stammers too much too.

    He’s also not so well-informed. On a recent North American Union show he made incorrect comments about the European Union, on how countries joined “voluntarily” ( not true – the politicians forced it on the people ) and how “anyone can leave”. This is a naive view, to say the least.

    Kerry Marshall, Great Britain

  2. My areas of interest is mostly either science or UFO/ET related, science because it’s just a general interest of mine, and UFO/ET largely because I had an encounter experience when I was ten.

    Ian Punnet, before seminary really seemed intolerant of other peoples beliefs, but afterwards he seems much more so than he did before. But he does seem to lack knowledge in the areas I find of most interest and that’s the biggest issue I have with him, not so much call handling or stammering.

    Art Bell has a sadistic sense of humor that, when the occasional abrasive caller comes online, can be entertaining.

    Another thing I like about Art, he knows music and selects his own music which tends to be more fitting than what the producers select for the other hosts.

    George, when he was first on everything was, “I have to ask the producer if we can do that”, now it’s “they work for me”, and I still don’t think he handles callers quite as good as Art Bell did.

    One other host they had on briefly that I liked was Hilly Rose. I don’t know if management just didn’t like him or other people didn’t like him but I found him reasonably tolerable on air.

    It really irks me though that the management and other hosts won’t tell us what really happened. This wanted to spend more time with the family when all he was doing is two weekend shows, that’s bull, and I’m really hard pressed to believe that Craig Kitchin also decided, on the same day, the he coincidentally too should be spending more time with the family.

    I really think they’ve taken something great and turned it into something mediocre.

  3. I think George Noory is an idiot and shouldn’t be on anyone’s airwaves. I think Art set the bar too high for anyone to really live up to his abilities when he’s fully engaged. I feel something happened that totally pissed him off and that’s why he left abruptly. Maybe George being on the Larry King show (another idiot) was an affront of some kind – it certainly should have been Art.

    Then again, it’s hotter than hell in Pahrump in the summer (and boring) – maybe his child bride needed to go home for a visit with her family.

    Art can be a jerk sometimes and arrogant, but he’s bright and he actually seems to grasp most of the subjects he tackles, which makes for a better show. Often George’s comments and questions are so insipid that I have to turn the volume down, sometimes I just turn it off. His guests are not of the same caliber as Art’s either, I assume that’s because he has someone else looking under rocks for them. His favorite subject is himself, but at least he knows something about that. Hope Art takes pity on us loyalists and returns soon.

  4. Art Bell’s stock in trade was/is murmuring “Yes, that’s absolutely true,” in response to all manner of preposterous horseshit issued from the likes of Richard Hoaxland and Major Head Games. Art Bell was/is a bullshitter with many skeletons in his closet — he’s not and never was an “expert” on the paranormal. He was/is a snake-oil salesman, nothing more.

    As for George Noory, this guy is a brain-damaged retard who relies on cheat sheets provided by his guests. Noory has NO grasp of ANY subject, and he’s utterly incapable of spontaneous discussion of any given topic. As suggested earlier, Noory was initially selected for the C2C job because he posed no threat of upstaging Art Bell — Art Bell is no rocket scientist (in fact he’s an intellectual midget), so they really had to stoop and scrape the bottom to come up with George Noory as a tentative replacement.

  5. There are some legitimate criticisms to be leveled at Art Bell, but I don’t agree that most of yours are legitimate. Coast-to-Coast was and is primarily an entertainment program, not something you listen to in order to get a science major.

    With respect to Richard Hoagland,he’s good at seeing real data in noise, he’s also good at seeing data that isn’t there in noise.

    He has called a few things correct in the past, such as an ocean on Europa, and I believe ultimately he will be proven right with respect to life on Mars, although I suspect it will be microbial in nature.

    With respect to Ed Dames, I really do believe he has some genuine talent in as much as he has called a number of things that turned out to be qualitatively right but quantitatively wrong.

    For example, kill shot from the Sun, well, the last solar cycle was the most active on record and the next one is predicted to be even larger. Not to suggest it will sterilize life on Earth but there were solar flares that were so large instruments had to be recalibrated to accommodate.

    Another example, grain fungus going to wipe out cereal crops, well, nothing has wiped out all cereal crops but there is a fungus affecting wheat resulting in lower yields and higher prices.

    As far as snake oil sales goes, do you really think they’d put someone on a 500+ station network that wasn’t good at sales? What do you think pays the bills?

    Art did have I think more knowledge than the average person on a lot of topics but not extensive knowledge on any of them except how so successfully promote and sell himself, but nobody is successful without that knowledge.

    George, I’m afraid I mostly agree with you there. Promotion seems to be the only thing he knows really well. Still George is the least horrid of the guest hosts they’ve had on. It could be much worse, they could bring Mike Segal back.

  6. Good, bad or indifferent Art Bell will live on – if not another comeback – then with coast’s “somewhere in time” broadcasts – (a brilliant move by clear channel from my perspective) Art left us with a legacy of his brilliance that we can listen to on our iPods any time we need a fix. As far as to why he quit so abrubtly – I recently read a blogger who claimed Art’s death threats followed him here from the Phil. to the US and he’s now in the witness protection program – Though probably not likely – it is plausable. Another thing to remember is that NOTHING is ever what it appears to be in life. I’ve heard it reported that Art Bell made something like 20M a year from Clear Channel and his Coast’s broadcast – Maybe the guy just made enough and wanted to enjoy his new wife and family as he rides off into the sunset on his remaining years on earth. One thing I must admit – Art Bell, call him crazy or not – the guy kicked ASS on the radio. He set the bar and standards for that type of format higher than ANYONE – It’ll be a tough “act” for anyone to follow in his footsteps. And to do what he did after Ramona died took gonads. He wasn’t afraid to step up and take charge of his life – and do what was best for him – regardless of what others thought. That alone should be inspiration for all of us whether you agreed with is reasonings and motivations or not. If I had to vote for his replacement I would choose Rollye James for that time slot – She’s brilliant, provocative and enterataining. Ian Punnet is another good choice – the guy is witty, sarcastic ( I personally like that) and bright. Noory is just OK – Coast could do better.

  7. It never fails to astonish me that you people out there think Art Bell is “brilliant” or that he and George Noory are oh-so “experienced” in paranormal subjects. I listened to Art Bell on and off for over a decade, and he invariably impressed me as nothing more than a smarmy barker for a cheesy medicine show.

    Art Bell has never demonstrated to my satisfaction that he is an expert in any subject — and, no, I don’t believe he’s an expert in the radio broadcast industry, either… Face it, Art Bell hosted a show in a time slot that NOBODY ELSE WANTED, and his audience was, with very little exception, comprised of people suffering mental problems and those under the influence of various substances.

    Art Bell’s great claim to fame, therefore, was drawing the largest audience of mental defectives between midnight and dawn — a dubious honor, at best.

    As for George Noory, this fellow’s intellectual glass is decidedly empty. It seems that Noory has no grasp of ANY subject, and he simply prompts his guests with babytalk clichés: “Ya know, Richard, they say money is the root of all evil!”

    I pose that Bell and Noory are only popular with the more simple-minded and gullible listeners, those who are wrapped up in neurotic (or psychotic) doomsday conspiracy theories.

    Ian Punnet, in my opinion, is FAR MORE educated and well-versed in the truly complex subjects — subjects that Art Bell and George Noory avoid simply because they are out of their depths. For 4 or 5 hours of intelligent discussion, Ian Punnet is unrivaled and proves himself to be the true professional.

  8. And it never fails to me how someone can deride someone while keeping themselves totally anonymous.

    The ratings speak for themselves. Whether not you agree, he was highly successful in broadcasting by any normally accepted measure.

  9. Art Bell is a boring, right-wing headcase fake. And his voice mannerisms are annoying.

    Noory is a congenial-sounding guy with superlative delivery.

    Good riddance to Bell. What a clown. I’ll never forget his ridiculous “Bugs” show — and also his silly-shit broadcast on the death of his wife Ramona. Shameless? Stupid> A bit of both.

  10. I agree with you that he is right-wing. With respect to being a head-case, can’t agree.

    George Noory frequently cuts people off just when they’re getting interesting and has next to zero scientific background, and thus is incapable of asking intelligent questions on any scientific topics, so from my perspective, he is a far less interesting host than Art.

  11. I’ve listened to Ed Hale the link you provided; and while the accept is very similar, the voice sounds different.

    Granted, I couldn’t listen for long, I’m really not fond of right-wing wack radio; I’m tired of DoubleSpeak. The rest of the world took Orwell’s book 1984 as a warning, the right wing took it as a recipe.

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