Dark Matter Digital Network

     I’ve added a new entry to the Resources list, the Dark Matter Digital Network.  This is an Internet broadcasting network that was assembled by Keith Rowland, Art Bells Webmaster.  It is absolutely superb.

     The audio quality of the Dark Matter Digital Network is very high quality throughout, and since unlike the old shows where guests were interviewed by telephone, with the attendant audio quality of a telephone, they are now interviewed via Skype and the network hosts, including Art Bell, also take calls via Skype.  As a result the show sounds like everyone is live in the studio.

     There are two audio feeds available free, MP3, and there is an AAC audio feed which is very high quality.  The show is in stereo so either listen with headphones or connect your sound card to your stereo.  You’ll want to take full advantage of the audio quality to fully appreciate the listening experience.

     The streaming feeds are free, even the AAC feed.  For an additional $5/month you can download podcasts of all past shows.

     In addition to Art Bell, Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland is there.  Art Bell airs 9-midnight weekdays, Dreamland airs 6-9pm Saturday.  Airing after Art is Richard Hoagland’s Other Side of Midnight show from midnight-2am.  They’ve got him listed on the website as midnight-4am, and he’s been wanting to do a longer show, but so far it’s been ending at 2am.

     Amateur Radio Operators will appreciate the QSO Ham Radio Show from 4-7pm on Sundays.

     This network is radio done right, technically superb, interesting, and fun.  Check it out.

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