Dr. Leon Berman Leaving KEXP / Shack the Shack

     Tonight I am very saddened to hear that next Friday, July 15th, 2016, will be Dr. Leon Berman’s last Shake the Shack show on KEXP.

     He will be leaving the program, Cuzzin Mike Fuller will continue the show, however, I can’t imagine it being the same or nearly as comprehensive musically as it has been under Dr. Berman’s leadership.

     Dr. Leon Berman had this quote on his page, “I grew up thinking the voice of Pat O’Day was God”.  Folks, Pat O’Day is radio done right in my book, and in his sober life a hell of a nice guy and so I can’t think of a better radio guy to emulate.

     There is no explanation given in KEXP‘s website, in fact not even any notice that he is leaving, only found out listening to the show tonight.

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