Professor John G. Cramer at the University of Washington had planned an experiment in November of 2006 which was intended to test retro-causality, the ability for something in the future to effect the past.

His experiment was designed to use quantum entangled photons to send information back in time, granted only 80 microseconds or so, but it was the proof of principal that was important.

I have tried to find results on the web but have been unsuccessful. If anyone knows anything about this experiment and what the results are, or if the men in black stepped in and confiscated the whole thing, please let me know. Just leave a comment here please.

I am very interested in the results. I know there is some way for information to get from the future back to the past because of my own experiences with predictive dreams.

I’ve also heard of a dream study, the intent of which was to determine how much information from the previous day gets incorporated in the dreams. In that study, researchers were surprised to find that in addition to information from the previous day, information from the following day was also incorporated.

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  1. Stephen Crowley

    I’ve been closely following this story as well, and have been quite surprised at the complete lack of any follow up announcement. I suspect that either the results were around known and hence secret powers conspired to prevent the experiment from being ran. Or, perhaps the experiment was ran and the results were so profound that they were immediately classified secret and forbidden from public dissemination. Or perhaps we don’t know, due to the implications that might follow from the results of the experiment of which we do not currently have knowledge of (in this frame).

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