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Please note that the old idt.net address is no longer valid, and the various QRD mirrors are out of date except for archiving of files from 1997 and before, which are in any case locally linked from this page.
(All former QRD links to Axios files have been locally mirrored for reliability as of August 28, 2003)

This is an icon of Ss. Sergius and Bacchus from the Monastery of Simonas Petras, Mt. Athos, photographed in 1991.

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  2. Axios / Washington, D.C.
  3. Axios / Boston

    Please note: some of the following files are stored in zip format; if you have any difficulty reading such a file, a plain text version can be posted or e-mailed.

  4. On Being Orthodox & Gay (May 1997) (Click here for plain text version)
  5. Bibliography for On Being Orthodox and Gay
  6. Adelphopoiesis from a Canonical Perspective (Click here for plain text version)
  7. Scripture and Tradition on Homosexuality: Discussions
  8. First page of Dec. 1987 Newsletter (clickable; same as the one in the zip file)
  9. Excerpts from Elder Zosima: Hesychast of Siberia, by Abbess Vera Verkhovsky. MS Word 8.0 document format. [New - August 2003]

  • Moscow church scenes -- the Church of the Veil of the Theotokos, with text in Russian and English

    General Information on Axios and Adelphopoiia

    1. General Axios Information
    2. Axios Newsletters (incomplete archive; more to be added)
    3. E-mail our chapters in the U.S.A. and abroad
    4. Orthodox Rite of Brotherhood - Preliminary (May 1994) Discussion
    5. Orthodox Rite of Brotherhood (Same-Sex Union) - English Translation of Goar's 1730 edition
    6. Same-Sex Union, compiled by J. Goar (Euchologion, 1730 edition), first page (p. 706 of 709)
    7. Same-Sex Union, Goar edition, 2nd page (p. 707 of 709)
    8. Same-Sex Union, Goar edition, 3rd page (p. 708 of 709)
    9. Same-Sex Union, Goar edition, 4th page (p. 709 of 709)
    10. Orthodox Rite of Brotherhood - English Translation of Edinovertsii 1904 edition
    11. Orthodox Rite of Brotherhood - Bibliography
    12. Orthodox Rite of Brotherhood - Some Responses to Preliminary Discussion
    13. Orthodox Rite of Brotherhood - He Adelphopoiesis ek Kanonikes Apopseos
    14. Comments on translation of Orthodox Rite of Brotherhood
    15. Orthodox Rite of Brotherhood - English Translation of Florensky's commentary
    16. Pamphlet cover with icons of Christ's Transfiguration and Sts. Sergius & Bacchus (not on QRD)
    17. Colorized icon from Synaxarion
    18. 256-greyscale icon of Sts. Sergius & Bacchus from New Skete
    19. B/W icon of St. John Maximovitch

    Other Orthodox Resources

    1. The Orthodox Church in America (incl. Parish Directory)
    2. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
    3. Orthodox Ministry ACCESS Saint of the Day Calendar
    4. The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
    5. OCF Orthodox Page
    6. OCF Icon Archive
    7. Never-Changing Gospel, Ever-Changing Culture.
      Censored from OCA's Wonder Blog and replaced with among other things,
      anti-gay boilerplate, on or before Nov. 8, 2014. See uncensored article as of Nov. 2, 2014, before it was pulled: here.
    8. August 27, 2003 SCOBA statement on same-sex relationships.

    Other Resources

    1. QRD mirror. Comprehensive archive of everything gay, including older (pre-1997) Axios files.
    2. Medieval Latin
    3. GaYellow Pages
    4. Yahoo - Search for Orthodox
    5. Pharsea's rebuttal of Robin Darling Young's posthumous attack on John Boswell's Same-Sex Unions

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