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Hillside Wrestling Weekend X, July 2003

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend X was held July 16-20, 2003. It was the tenth annual wrestling weekend and the eighth one which I attended; there were a number of wrestlers present who had attended all ten events. As in previous years, wrestlers came from all over the U.S. as well as Canada, Germany and the U.A.E. The mat setup allowed everyone to have plenty of mat time in different wrestling styles, though there was no ring for the pro wrestlers as in the last two years (the Sheriff promised that next year the ring will be back though). In freestyle wrestling, the second annual tournament was a success, which was held Saturday morning, concluding in time for lunch. The food was great, and the weather was mostly pleasant. It rained on Friday again but wrestling continued, and the rain stopped long enough for lunch in the open.

Many pictures have been resized for quick loading; e-mail me if you want to see particular originals. If all the thumbnails don't load, just hit the Refresh button or click the blue rectangle to see the full-size picture.

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The Ride (NY, NJ & PA) | At Hillside: Wrestling and other photos from Hillside Campground |
Additional Tournament Pictures from Gene

Hillside 2003 -- the ride there and back

This year, I took the usual route through Queens, Manhattan, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, then turned north at Honesdale to enjoy the mountains that I previously bypassed to the south. The route featured great views and the steep consecutive hills which give the Endless Mountains their name. While the usual route features three mountain passes, the highest one being at 1940 feet, this route goes into the low 2000's, crossing some valleys around 1600 feet before descending to 1000 feet about 6 miles from Hillside. The road from there went over 1600-foot Kennedy Hill which was scenic and quick (a molehill compared to the previous mountains), ending up 4 miles later in Gibson, minutes from camp. Arrived at the campground after dinner but had a sub sandwich ready. Unlike the scorching weather of the previous two years (in the 90's and 100's °F), the temperature this year was in the 70's and 80's, mostly sunny with a brief shower in the morning. The weather on the ride back was similar, despite the dire weather forecasts of flash floods and continuous severe storms -- it rained for a few hours and then the nice weather returned.

P7152663.JPG P7152664.JPG P7152665.JPG P7152666.JPG P7152667.JPG P7152668.JPG P7152669.JPG P7152670.JPG P7152671.JPG

Flushing Meadows Corona Park - soccer game, Unisphere and other scenes.

P7152672.jpg Honeywell Av. bridge, Queens, opened recently after being closed for over 20 years.
P7152673.jpg Sculpture in Central Park, NYC.
P7162674.jpg On Rte. 191 in Honesdale, PA, shortly after leaving the usual route to head for the mountains. P7162675.jpg  P7162676.jpg View of mountain along Wayne-Susquehanna county line from Old Newburg Turnpike (in Susquehanna county, PA). P7162677.jpg Same location: More detailed view of 2600-foot Elk Mountain Ski area from 2000 feet elevation.

P7212953.JPG Elk Mountain, seen from the south side on PA 106 riding home. P7212954.JPG Skin irritation on wrist from the weekend of wrestling, with Elk Mountain as background.
P7212955.JPG Thunderstorm brewing in Honesdale, PA (rained about an hour then cleared up)

P7232956.JPG Appalachian Trail crossing US 206 in Sussex Co., NJ P7232957.JPG US 206 North at Kittatinny Mountain, NJ.
P7232958.JPG Note left by a hiker at Appalachian trail entrance. P7232959.JPG Appalachian Trail entrance at US 206 South.
P7232961.JPG The Appalachian Trail west of US 206. P7232962.JPG Another view of the vicinity.
P7232963.JPG There are wild raspberries growing here too, just smaller.

P7232964.JPG Route 15 South, Sparta, NJ, starting upgrade towards last mountain pass of the ride, at mile marker 14 (the summit is at mile 8).
P7232965.JPG Route 15 North, in Sparta.
P7232968.JPG At the Unisphere in Queens; 10 miles to go.
P7242969.jpg The final stretch near the Queens-Nassau line, on (of course) Hillside Avenue (Rte. 25B).
P7242972.jpg I'm home...
P7242973.jpg ...and there's my post-Hillside weight.

At Hillside

(Elevation 1350 ft.)

P7172678.JPG Upper Site 60 on Thursday morning.
P7172679.JPG Mike wrestling Rick on submission mat.
P7172680.jpg Mike wrestling Rick on submission mat (closeup).
P7172682.JPG The freestyle mat, Thursday morning.
P7172683.JPG Richard and Glenn.
P7172684.JPG Joe's tent has poinsettias this time.
P7172685.JPG And the wrestlers from Toronto have arrived too.
P7172687.JPG Getting ready for lunch on Thursday.
P7172689.JPG The camp's banner at the front gate is still facing in, not out.
P7172690.JPG Creek near the camp's front gate.
P7172691.JPG Creek as seen from footbridge.
P7172692.JPG Footbridge over creek.
P7172694.JPG Klaus on the submission mat.
P7172695.JPG Dinner on Thursday.
P7172696.JPG Think I'll have some more dessert -- but not on this bench. ;-)
P7172697.JPG Another mat to set up.
P7172699.JPG The pool area on Thursday evening. Still closed from being clogged by the previous weekends' shedding bears.
p7172722.jpg The freestyle mat late on Thursday night.
P7182724.JPG Hanging out at the meal area, 12:15 AM Friday (time exposure).
P7182725.JPG The campfire.
P7182726.MOV QuickTime movie of the campfire.
P7182727.JPG Friday evening on upper Site 60.
P7182728.JPG Time exposure after dinner on Friday.
P7182755.JPG The bonfire in front of the rec center.
P7192756.JPG A dragonfly on the raspberry bushes behind the mats, before the tournament.

Hillside Freestyle Tournament, July 19, 2003

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tournament pictures
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Pro Wrestling at Hillside 2003

Even though there was no pro ring this year, the pro wrestlers did clinics and matches every night, as well as on Saturday afternoon, on the mat at site 60A. They showed how to execute various moves and put on shows which drove the crowd wild.

P7172693.jpg The frame for the tent over the pro tent on site 60A, before setting it up.
P7172700.JPG The Sheriff's down.
P7172701.jpg Big Al gets stretched.
P7172702.jpg Kicking him when he's down.
P7172703.JPG Demonstrating a headlock.
P7172704.JPG Sprawled on the mat.
P7172705.JPG Pile driver.
P7172706.JPG Lou has Chuck where he wants him -- or vice versa?
P7172707.JPG If you do this headlock correctly...
P7172708.JPG ...you end up here.
P7172709.JPG In mid-throw.
P7172710.JPG "Where the head goes, the body will follow."
P7172711.JPG Nice cradle.
P7172712.JPG Lou has Chuck at his mercy (Photo enhanced by Donald Black).
P7172713.JPG And now for the "Indian death grip" (?)
P7172714.JPG No, no, this is how you do it...
P7172715.JPG ...get everything in position...
P7172716.JPG ...there we go...
P7172717.JPG ...and get that knee on him for good measure!
P7172718.JPG Sleeper (Photo enhanced by Donald Black).
P7172719.JPG Double-leg camel clutch.
P7172720.JPG And the single-leg, which leaves a hand free for other things.
P7172721.JPG Care to demonstrate?
P7182729.JPG Friday night on the pro mat.
P7182730.JPG Got him...
P7182731.JPG ...on his knees...
P7182732.JPG ...not so fast!
P7182733.JPG Strutting around gloating over the victory.
P7182734.JPG Next match...
P7182735.JPG Good thing he's flexible...
P7182736.JPG Reversal -- gimme that arm! ...
P7182737.JPG Hey, this is fun! ...
P7182738.JPG Lou fights back with a low blow...
P7182739.JPG ...again, while lifting him...
P7182740.JPG ...lets him down momentarily...
P7182741.JPG ...but not for long...
P7182742.JPG Lou takes advantage of the situation... (Photo enhanced by Donald Black)
P7182743.JPG ...stretches his opponent out some more...
P7182744.JPG You won't see this on TV...
P7182745.JPG ...and the ref is powerless to stop these egregious rules violations...
P7182746.JPG Pile driver him again...
P7182747.JPG ..and then attack the ref! ...
P7182748.JPG The ref being pile drivered...
P7182749.JPG ...and sprawled on the mat.
P7182750.JPG Getting the ref right where he wants him...
P7182751.JPG ...while the audience loves it.

This year WrestlerVic had his own mat on upper site 60 too, where there were a number of taped and untaped matches throughout the weekend. You can find out more at his Wrestling in the Hills of PA website.

The Talent Show and Saturday evening

P7192905.JPG P7192906.JPG P7192907.JPG P7192908.JPG P7192909.JPG P7192910.JPG P7192911.JPG P7192912.JPG P7192913.JPG P7192914.JPG P7192915.JPG P7192917.JPG
P7192918.JPG P7192920.JPG P7192921.JPG P7192922.JPG

Sunday and the conclusion of the Wrestling Weekend

P7202924.JPG Mike and Kris singing at midnight Sunday.
P7202926.JPG "Haunted Campsite" sign, definitely not in Kansas.
P7202927.JPG Saying goodbyes at the meal area, Sunday morning.
P7202928.JPG Mat rolled up and taken away, midday Sunday.
P7202930.jpg Group picture, at upper site 60.
P7202932.JPG Site 60 with the mat and wrestlers gone, Sunday afternoon.
P7202933.JPG This bird now has all of site 60 to itself.
P7202934.JPG My tent.
P7202936.JPG Raspberry bush
P7202937.JPG The cat that hung around us all weekend.
P7202939.jpg A thistle in the NNS area of Hillside.
P7212942.JPG 12:21 AM Monday -- starry sky
P7212945.JPG More stars.
P7212946.JPG Still seeing stars.
P7212948.jpg Bumble bee pollinating a raspberry flower on site 60.
P7212949.jpg Another bee pollinating a raspberry.
P7212951.JPG Taking down my tent, I find the Marshall Memorial Tent stakes.

Also check out the Outsports article by Gene Dermody along with its gallery of pictures

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