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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XI, July 2004

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XI was held July 21-25, 2004. It was the eleventh annual wrestling weekend and the ninth one which I attended; there were a number of wrestlers present who had attended all eleven events. As in previous years, wrestlers came from all over the U.S. as well as Mexico, Canada, Germany and the U.A.E. The mat setup allowed everyone to have plenty of mat time in different wrestling styles. In freestyle wrestling, the third annual tournament was a success, which was held Saturday morning, concluding in time for lunch. The food was great, and the weather was mostly pleasant. It rained on Friday again but wrestling continued, and the rain stopped by lunchtime. There was a new tent over the meal area which came in handy both for the rain and the sun.

Many pictures have been resized for quick loading; e-mail me if you want to see particular originals. If all the thumbnails don't load, just hit the Refresh button or click the blue rectangle to see the full-size picture.

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The Ride (LI, NJ, upstate NY & PA)     |     At Hillside: Wrestling and other photos from Hillside Campground

Hillside 2004 -- the ride there and back

This year, I took the usual route through Queens, Manhattan, and into Morris County, New Jersey. At that point I took what was to be a shortcut through Mt. Hope but ended up heading towards the N.Y. state line so I decided to enjoy High Point, NJ and the Catskills in New York. High Point is the highest point in NJ (1803 feet) but is not very high by Pennsylvania standards (many of the hills and mountains in the vicinity of Hillside are well over 2000 feet including Elk Mountain at 2698 feet). But it's scenic, and there is a steep ascent (to get that heart rate up) to the state park at the top of High Point where there is a large obelisk. In the Catskills, elevations are higher but the slopes were not as steep. I returned to the usual route via the Delaware and Lackawaxen river valleys which lead to the town of Hawley. Temperatures were moderate, in the 70's and 80's, unlike the scorching weather in 2002 and before. The weather was sunny throughout the ride there and back.

P7191579.JPG My weight before leaving for Hillside (125.0 lb.)
P7201580.JPG Sign under test, on NY 25A near Queens Plaza (zoomed in).
It was still flashing the same message on the ride back. ;-)
P7201582.JPG Yes, the sign is really under test (zoomed in more)
P7201581.JPG Looking west (towards that sign) on Northern Blvd.
(NY 25A) towards Queens Plaza (zoomed out)
P7201584.JPG Rte. 12, bridge over the Hackensack River from Bogota to
Hackensack, seen from Hackensack side
P7201583.JPG Hackensack, capital of Bergen County, NJ
Here's a nighttime view of the same capitol building from
the opposite side from 2002
P7201585.JPG Paterson, NJ (view from Clark and Market Streets)
P7201586.JPG US 46 West, just after Pine Brook-area merge, at a
P7201587.JPG US 46 looking east in the vicinity of the merge.
P7201588.JPG The Empire Diner, Parsippany, NJ
(also on 10th Av. in NYC)
P7201589.JPG Ascending out of the coastal plain, on US 46
(looking back, i.e. east)
P7201590.JPG Looking west on the same hill.

P7201591.JPG Mountain seen on Rte. 513 (starting detour to the north) P7201592.JPG Rte. 513
P7201593.JPG Cliff near Craigmeur Ski Area P7201594.JPG That's me in front of the cliff. P7201595.JPG Closeup of this cliff.
P7201596.JPG Apparently unused rail station, Newfoundland, NJ P7201597.JPG View east along the tracks
P7201598.JPG General view of station area P7201599.JPG Closeup of station details
P7201601.JPG The obelisk at High Point, NJ comes into view, past Colesville, NJ. P7201602.JPG Heading towards the obelisk on NJ 23.
P7201603.JPG The upgrade becomes steep, and trucks are warned to take a detour. P7201604.JPG Looking back at the view about halfway through the steep area
(camera in manual mode)
P7201605.JPG View up the hill at steepest part.
P7201606.JPG Looking back at steep section as road levels off near summit. P7201608.JPG At the summit, a hiker enters the Appalachian Trail. P7201609.JPG Administrative building at summit.
P7201610.JPG Entrance to High Point State Park with beginning of downgrade visible. P7201611.JPG That's me at the entrance to High Point State Park, elevation 1803 feet. P7201612.JPG Heading down from High Point towards New York State.
P7201613.JPG View looking back (up) from same spot. P7201614.JPG At the bottom of the 4.5-mile downgrade, cross into Orange County, NY. P7201616.JPG Only 57 miles to Scranton from here but I continue the detour into the mountains.
P7211624.JPG The Hawk's Nest overlook, showing road along foggy mountainside in the Catskills. P7211625.JPG Looking back at Hawk's Nest and mountainside. P7211626.JPG River view from Hawk's Nest overlook.
P7211627.JPG Further up the valley, road almost at river level and it matches the river's upstream slope. P7211628.JPG One-lane bridge, Sullivan County, NY P7211630.JPG Passing Rte. 55 (used on Diff'rent Spokes' 1989 Delaware Water Gap ride and other rides)
P7211631.JPG PA Rtes. Y & 590, heading towards Hawley. P7211632.JPG 14 miles to Hawley, PA where I'll get on usual Hillside route. P7211633.JPG Island in Lackawaxen River, PA
P7211634.JPG Along the Lackawaxen River on Rte. Y P7211635.JPG Bingham Park (same Bingham as in Binghamton?), Hawley, PA. P7211636.JPG Mountain near downtown Hawley (at bridge over the Lackawaxen)
P7211637.JPG Zoomed view at bridge over the Lackawaxen River P7211638.JPG Historical marker shows origin of town's name P7252003.JPG Entering Hawley on the ride back.
P7211639.JPG Just past (west of) Kean Lake campground, on Rte. Y east of Waymart, PA, looking south. P7211640.JPG Just past (west of) Kean Lake campground, on Rte. Y east of Waymart, PA, looking west.
P7211641.JPG Wind turbines on top of mountain pass between Waymart and Carbondale, PA. P7211642.JPG Approaching top of mountain pass, turbines and a cell tower are close by. P7211643.JPG State jail near the top of the pass.
P7211644.JPG Just above elevation 1940 feet, looking at summit. P7211645.JPG Any closer to that turbine and I'll get a haircut ;-)
P7221648.JPG Checking out a different route again: Rte. 92 & 2073 between Lenox and South Gibson, PA -- almost there! P7221653.JPG Union Hill, PA is even smaller than Gibson, just a (recently repaved) crossroads up the hill and a few minutes from Gibson. P7272004.JPG My weight on returning from Hillside (124.5 lb.)

At Hillside

Arrival at camp, wrestling and campsite pics

P7221654.JPG P7221655.JPG P7221656.JPG P7221657.JPG P7221658.JPG P7221659.JPG P7221662.JPG P7221663.JPG P7221665.JPG P7221666.JPG
P7221667.JPG P7221668.JPG P7221669.JPG P7221670.JPG P7221671.JPG P7221672.JPG P7221673.JPG P7221674.JPG P7221675.JPG P7221676.JPG
P7221677.JPG P7221678.JPG P7221679.JPG P7221680.JPG P7221681.JPG P7221682.JPG P7221685.JPG P7221686.JPG P7221687.JPG P7221688.JPG
P7221689.JPG P7221690.JPG P7221691.JPG P7221692.JPG P7221693.JPG P7221694.JPG P7231695.JPG P7231696.JPG P7231697.JPG P7231698.JPG
P7231699.JPG P7231700.JPG P7231701.JPG P7231702.JPG P7231703.JPG P7231704.JPG P7231705.JPG P7231706.JPG P7231707.JPG P7241708.JPG
P7241709.JPG P7241710.JPG P7241711.JPG P7241712.JPG P7241713.JPG P7241715.JPG P7241716.JPG P7241717.JPG P7241718.JPG P7241721.JPG P7241722.JPG

Short video clip and animated GIF of a match

Animated GIF
+ Sound

If you need the DivX codec for this video, you can download it here or from the DivX website. The GIF/MP3 excerpt does not need any codec software.

The codec is not needed unless you can't view the video and get errors such as "can't find appropriate decompressor". It combines good image quality with small file size.

To install, as the FAQ notes, unzip to any folder. No need to double click "Register_DivX.exe" in WinZip; just unzip the files to a directory and then right click on the file "DivX.inf", then choose "Install". I tested it on Win98, Me and XP and use it on my own computer.

Post-tournament pics on Saturday

P7241851.JPG P7241852.JPG P7241853.JPG P7241854.JPG P7241855.JPG P7241859.JPG P7241860.JPG P7241862.JPG P7241863.JPG P7241864.JPG P7241869.JPG
P7241870.JPG P7241871.JPG P7241872.JPG P7241873.JPG P7241874.JPG P7241875.JPG P7241876.JPG P7241877.JPG P7241879.JPG P7241880.JPG P7241881.JPG

Some camp and clinic pictures from Friday and Saturday, contributed by BulldogMF

0001.JPG The canopy kept wrestlers dry during the rain Friday morning. P7230007.JPG A chipmunk wants to join us for dinner.
P7240001.JPG Drilling the gut wrench during the pre-tournament clinic on Saturday (1) P7240002.JPG Gut Wrench (2) P7240003.JPG (3)
P7240004.JPG Pulling one's opponent up to prepare for the gut wrench P7240005.JPG Halfway through the gut wrench

More camp and wrestling pictures, contributed by Rick

Img004_Chuck-Juanito.jpg Chuck vs. Juanito Img005_Jens-Damon-Glenn.jpg A little submission drilling on the freestyle mat Img006_Joe-DavidG.jpg David vs. Joe Img007_Juanito-Chuck-Calvin-Tom.jpg After a hard-fought freestyle match
Img008c_Chris-Rob-Bob.jpg Chris, Rob & Bob, upper site 60 Img009_Alan-Joe-Greg.jpg Alan, Joe, Greg Img010_Joe-Ryan-Damon.jpg Joe, Ryan, Damon Img011_Joe-Vern-Alan.jpg Joe, Vern, Alan
Img012_Bob-Andy.jpg Bob and Andy, founders of Hillside Wrestling Weekend, with this year's T-shirts Img013_Steve-_-Charlie.jpg Mealtime under the new canopy (1) Img014_Steve-Mark-Jason-Jenaro.jpg Mealtime (2) Img015_Joe-Tom-Ed.jpg Joe, Tom and Ed
   Img016_Rick-Zel-Antonio-James.jpg Rick and James enjoying the food prepared by this year's new cooks, Zel & Antonio Img017_Kevin-Freddy-El.jpg Chatting with Coach Kevin   
Img018_Scott-David-Mike.jpg 2 on 1 (1) Img019_Scott-David-Mike-piledriver.jpg 2 on 1 (2) - Pile Driver Img020_Scott-David-Mike-Kevin.jpg 2 on 1 (3) - Scissoring David Img021_Scott-El.jpg Scott from Metro NYC vs. El from the DC Wrestling Club

Hillside Freestyle Tournament, July 24, 2004

Click here for the 
freestyle tournament pictures
Click to see the freestyle tournament pictures

Pro Wrestling at Hillside 2004

Click here for the 
pro wrestling pictures
Click to see the pro wrestling pictures

The Talent Show and Saturday evening

The freestyle tournament and pro show were coordinated with the talent show so they didn't overlap and we could attend all three events. Metro Wrestling's Kris and Troy performed, singing their piece towards the end of the show to loud applause.

P7241966.JPG P7241967.JPG P7241968.JPG P7241969.JPG P7241970.JPG P7241971.JPG P7241972.JPG P7241973.JPG P7241974.JPG P7241975.JPG
P7241976.JPG P7241977.JPG P7241978.JPG P7241979.JPG P7241980.JPG P7241981.JPG P7241982.JPG P7241983.JPG P7241984.JPG P7241985.JPG
P7241986.JPG P7241987.JPG P7241988.JPG
P7241989.JPG Kris and Troy's act comes on (1) P7241990.JPG Kris and Troy's act comes on (2)

Sunday and the conclusion of the Wrestling Weekend

P7251994.JPG 16-second exposure showing clear, starry sky at site 60, without the optical noise in last year's attempts to do this. P7251998.JPG The site 60 campfire, late Saturday night (i.e. Sunday morning) P7251999.JPG Joe tending to the campfire, 2:43 AM Sunday.
   P7272005a.jpg Just a mosquito bite: no ringworm or other skin irritations this year.   

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