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Here you will find links to pictures and trip digests from some of the most-enjoyed bicycle trips I've taken in the last decade or so. More pictures and links are planned to be added from time to time, both older and newer; I began cycle touring in 1980-1981. The Boston-Hillside pictures will also be of particular interest to wrestlers, as Hillside is the site of an annual Wrestling Weekend each summer which gets better every year. Enjoy!

  1. 1980's Trips Page has pictures from around 1981-1986: U.S., former Yugoslavia, etc.
  2. Picture of me in Greece, 1991. I am riding to the beach near Megara.
  3. Various pictures 1988-1991, mostly from Greece and New England (rescanned in truecolor)
  4. Oklahoma City, OK, October 2000.
  5. Hillside 1996 Photos
  6. Digest of NY-Boston-Hillside (Pennsylvania)-NY Ride (811.53 mi., July 19-24 and 28-29, 1997)
  7. Pictures from Boston-Hillside 1997
  8. Pictures from Boston 1998 #2 (July)
  9. Boston 1998 #4 (Pictures from Boston, Newport RI and New London CT, October 1998)
  10. Boston 1999 #1 (March 1999) & #2 (July 1999 -- including Cape Cod)
  11. Pictures from Hillside 1998 (August) (401.8 mi. on the bike and 5 1/2 days of wrestling)
  12. Narrative and Pictures from Hillside Wrestling Weekend VI, July 1999. Record turnout of 143 wrestlers from the U.S., Canada, England and Germany. 358.8 mi., 4-5 days of wrestling.
  13. Hillside Wrestling Weekend VIII was July 18-22, 2001. For full information on the next Wrestling Weekend, and an archive of all my pictures and web pages of the Wrestling Weekends for 1996 and after, see the General Hillside Wrestling Weekend Information Sheet.
  14. Shortcut to Nick's wrestling page (organizations, events, vendors).
  15. "WWF" Page (Worldwide Weather Forecasts, and Current Conditions).

The background photo for this page is of Nooseneck Hill in Rhode Island in the middle of October 1998's fall foliage.

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