A tab on the playoffs (1993, 1993, 1995)

Back in 1993, I did something really crazy - I took detailed notes of all the playoff games I watched and typed them and posted them to rec.sports.basketball.pro. [Keep in mind that this was when the web was in its infancy and the media hardly knew about the internet, much less had their stuff available online.] I did it again in 1994 and 1995 (after which I stopped as it was feeling more like work than enjoyment). Thanks to Washington University's Wuarchive (http://wuarchive.wustl.edu/) and the NBASTATS[tm] Project and especially Nate Smith, the tabs still exist (I think I also still have them on floppy some where, but I haven't had them online for years as the accounts I used at the time are long gone and space concerns). I recently stumbled across the wustl archive and was surprised to see the tabs still there. Since I have a ton of space on my eskimo account, I've pulled them here for anyone interested in looking at a piece of 'net basketball history/infamy. I did have a couple of other files related to the tabs laying around and I've included them here as well.


Patricia Bender
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