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Unlike the "This Day in Mavs History", these are static files - unless I go back and find more history information or to correct typos, the year files will not be changed (the day files are update regarding record changes, players getting another 40+ point or triple-double or ... (such as "14th of 16 time" a player had 40+ points would be updated to "14th of 22 time")). If you are looking at a year file wondering if something is still a record or how many times a player had one of those distinct games, look at the day file. The records and "x of x time" are through 06-07 for 06-07 and before (when I divided the day files into the year files).

Please let me know of any errors (even just typos) or any thing you think should be added.

Through October 25, 2016

Patricia Bender
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