94-95 NBA Dailys

These pre-date the web page and I kept them around for my own use. For space reasons a long time ago, I removed all game information (leaving the transactions) and catted the individual files into a month file. If you are looking for something, you will have to hunt.
Note: Google (aka dejanews) has upped the archive of newsgroups to go back to 1981 (WOW). So if you really want to see the old dailys, do an advanced search on http://groups.google.com/ for the newsgroup rec.sport.basketball.pro with pj13488@austin.lockheed.com or patricia@netcom.com (note sure when exactly the address change occurred) as the author and setting the time frame for what you are looking for. I used "News from" as the titles. [And if you want to see something really amazing, do a search for the pj13488 address with "tab" as the key word.]

Patricia Bender
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