Between them, the members of Love Battery have over 40 guitars, maybe more. Bruce Fairweather has even had one of his put into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but that's another story. Guitars are an important theme to remember when thinking about Love Battery because no matter what term is used to describe their music or what tag is applied to their genre, the essence of the band is the sound of strings resonating.

Hi everyone, Ron Nine here.

We're slowly working on updating the info the site & adding lyrics. I'd like to thank Tracy who has hosted this site for about 14 years. Sorry it's taken so long for me to update (about ten years).

The big news is, we are playing a show June 23rd at Neumoes in Seattle. It's our first in over five years. We are also on a new compilation called Sleepless In Seattle, The Birth of Grunge.

Check out our My space site for some streaming songs and more up to date info.

Also check out my new project "Down With People". We play around Seattle, and will be releasing a single this summer/fall, and a CD soon after.

Since the last info on this site, our "new" label Atlas/PolyGram closed up shop. Unfortunately that means straight Freak Ticket is no longer being manufactured. We then released a CD on Seattle Label CZ, called Confusion Au Go Go. After Confusion we only played local shows, the last of which was over five years ago. That lineup was Kevin, Tommy, Dan Peters and I. On June 23rd we'll have Mike Musburger on drums, The rest of the band is the same. Mike did all our touring with us after Jason become a President of the USA. Mike also played drums on some of the tracks on Confusion. I'll be writing more soon.


Tour photos sent to us from some loyal fans!

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