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Interesting in racing? We practice Sunday mornings, weather permitting, come out and run your dogs! Contact a club member for more information, or come on out and enjoy our next race meet.
Greyhounds racing
Upcoming LGRA Race Meets:
Sept 24-25, 2005 - COBRA LGRA, Wall, NJ
Sept 24-25, 2005 - GCWC LGRA, Antioch IL
Oct 8-9, 2005 - CLCS LGRA, Camden SC
Oct 22, 2005 - SWAG LGRA, Charlotte NC
Oct 23, 2005 - SOMOS LGRA, Davie FL
Oct 29-30, 2005 - GONE LGRA, Brentwood NH
Oct 29-30, 2005 - MARS LGRA, Whitesburg GA
Nov 5, 2005 - CLCS LGRA, Camden SC
Nov 12-13, 2005 LGRA - SWAG, Charlotte NC
Nov 19-20, 2005 LGRA - BASHA, Syosset NY
Nov 25, 2005 - GSSA LGRA, Colts Neck NJ
Dec 3-4, 2005 - COBRA LGRA, Wall NJ
Dec 17-18, 2005 - COBRA, Wall NJ

2005 Racing Schedule
Current Grading Guide 2005


Large Gazehound Racing Association - 200 yard sprints

Sept 24-25 2005

Open to purebred Afghan Hounds, Basenji, Borzoi, Chart Polski, Cirneco dell'Etna, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Pharaoh Hounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis, Scottish Deerhounds and Sloughi.

Each hound must have a completed and signed entry form. Those with First Time Entered (FTE) hounds must attach a photocopy of your dog's registration to your entry form, along with a one-time $2.00 registration fee. If your adopted NGA Greyhound does not have an AKC, ILP, NGA or other registration number, please make sure ALL other information is filled out on the entry form, including ear tattoo numbers. HOUNDS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER WITHOUT A COMPLETED AND SIGNED ENTRY FORM. A completed entry includes the photocopy of the dog's registration for FTEs!!!

Pre-entries: $10.00 first dog per owner, $8 additional dogs, same owner. Five or more dogs, same owner, $40.00. Pre-entries close Friday, September 23 at 9:00 pm.
Same-day entries: $12 per dog. Entries close 8:30am on Saturday and 8:00 am on Sunday at the Race Secretary's table.
Make checks payable to COBRA and mail to Race Secretary: Paul Shusterman
Email: Paul Shusterman
Mail: Paul Shusterman, 625 Hudson Terrace, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010, Phone: 201-943-8032

Inspection and roll call will begin at 9:00 am on Saturday and 8:30 am on Sunday.
Race meets will be 3 program, 4 dog races, 200-yard straight sprints.
NOTE: All breeds will start from the box.
Schooling runs will be required for all FTE dogs before they may compete.
All breeds must run with muzzles and racing blankets. A limited number of muzzles and blankets will be available for loan. FTE dogs may benefit from muzzle training at home before the meet.
Ribbons and fun awards for point winners. Rosettes and trophies for High Score in Breed. Turtle awards will be offered for each breed.

Limited shade is available on the gravel lane behind the field. Please bring sufficient shade to ensure your hounds? comfort.
IMPORTANT!! No water is available at the field! Bring sufficient water for your hounds!! A sprayer will be on hand in the event of warm weather.
Please bring a contribution to the luncheon buffet. Soda and bottled water will be available.

Google Maps
From West: Take the NJ Turnpike to Exit 7A and then take I-195 east to Exit 35B, Rte. 34 North, to the first traffic light. This is Hurley's Pond Road.
From South or North: Take the Garden State Parkway to Exit 98. Follow the signs for Rte 34 North. Proceed north to the first light after you cross under the Parkway. This is Hurley's Pond Road.
From the Red Roof Inn: Take Rte. 18 South to Rte. 138 West. Exit onto Rte. 34 North (the first exit) to the first traffic light. This is Hurley's Pond Rd.
From the intersection of Rte. 34 N and Hurley's Pond Rd.: Take the jughandle to the right and cross Rte. 34, proceeding west on Hurley's Pond Rd. The airport entrance is about 200 yds. on the right.
When you enter, turn left and proceed past the terminal building, through the double gates. Continue on this road, making a right turn at the foot, up the hill to the overlook area. (Follow the signs for the Sky Dive School.) Make a 180 degree turn and proceed down the hill on the gravel road, past the sky dive area and parking, through a third gate (post and rail), down around the big blue building. Continue past the blue building until you reach the service road. DO NOT DRIVE OUT ONTO THE RUNWAY!!!! Turn left on the service road, towards a brown canvas quonset hut, parallelling the railroad tracks on your left and the runway on the right. Enter the field just before the quonset hut and park parallel to the tracks.

Dr. Thomas Kass, All-Paws Veterinary Hospital, 1732 Rte. 71, Wall, NJ 07719 Phone: 732-449-8585

ACCOMMODATIONS (These allow dogs in the rooms)
Red Roof Inn, Hope Rd., Tinton Falls, NJ 732-389-4646. From the Red Woof you take Rte. 18 S. to I-195 W. to Rte. 34 N. (about 15 min.)

Allaire State Park, Howell, NJ - 732-938-2371. No dogs allowed.
Turkey Swamp Park near Freehold allows dogs and there is a private campground in Jackson that allows dogs.

If you need more information, please contact the Race Secretary