Why GE Transportation Sucks

Al Wong
May 29, 2005

I can't stand it anymore. I am talking about that stupid, ignorant TV commerical GE Transportation keeps broadcasting. I figured if I kept quiet it would go away in a few weeks. But it hasn't. The damn thing keeps re-emerging like a false rumor that never dies.

The commercial is about the joining of the transcontinental railroad. There's all these black and white images of the Old West with old time music playing which is supposed to make you feel nostalgic. Please note the commercial is filled with all caucasion people! The commercial makes me sick!

For the record, the transcontinental railroad was built largely by Chinese laborers. The vast majority of railroad laborers were Chinese. This is well documented along with many pictures of the Chinese laying down track.

At the time, there was so much racial prejudice against the Chinese, it was decided NOT to give them credit or even acknowledge their existence with the railroad in the popular press. So all the press pictures celebrating the joining of the railroad only showed caucasion people and no Chinese. It is doubtful any of the caucasion people shown in the original pictures actually worked on building the railroad.

GE Transportation perpetuates this racist lie by broadcasting this commercial. One would think with all the resources available to GE, hiring a historian to do basic research would be a given. Evidently, this is not the case. This commercial is insidiously offensive.

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