Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the other Jung societies in the Pacific Northwest?

A:The following organizations cater to the general public:

Q: Are there any local Jungian professional organizations?

A: The following organizations are in the Seattle area:

Q: How can I find a list of Jungian therapists in the area? Can the Society provide such a list?

A: The Society does not currently offer such a list nor does it provide therapist recommendations. However, Society events are a good place to meet analysts. Instead, we would refer you to the two professional organizations listed above (JPA and NPIAP), which should be able to provide you with lists.

Q: I may be too late to preregister for a workshop. Can I still attend?

A: We do not request preregistration for lectures; however, preregistration for the Saturday workshops helps the Society anticipate attendance. It also ensures a place for you. Preregistration is due two weeks prior to the workshop date. However, preregistration for workshops is not required, and there is no penalty for registering later. An online preregistration form is provided.

Q: I see that there is a discount for memberships for seniors. At what age is one considered a senior for the purposes of the discount?

A: The senior discount begins at age 62.

Q: Are the Jung Society lectures recorded? I missed one that I really wanted to attend.

A: Yes, most are recorded on audio tape. Members may borrow tapes from the Society library.

Q: I see that many of the books mentioned on your site are linked to Why is this and what is your relationship with

A: To learn more, please see Direct Links to Online Book Information.

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Updated: 23 December 1999