Cedar River Trail

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The Cedar River Trail is a 17.3 mile trail from Renton to Landsburg in the City of Seattle's watershed. The first 12.3 miles are paved, with the remaining five hard packed fine gravel. For most of its length, the trail follows the Cedar River. Much of the paved section also follows near highway 169, but the unpaved portion moves into more remote territory. In Maple Valley, the Cedar River Trail intersects with the Lake Wilderness Trail for another six mile unpaved adventure. At the Renton end, the new Logan Avenue Trail connects to the Lake Washington South Trail.

The Cedar is a salmon spawning river, to the various trail users are warned not to disturb the fragile eggs or eat the rotting fish.


A spur of the Cedar River Trail and the river itself go under the Renton Public Library.


(More to come as we explore more sections of this trail.)