Sumner Rivers Trail

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The Sumner Rivers Trail is a short ride, first along the White River to its merging with the Puyallup, and then up that river to a road bridge connecting with the Puyallup Riverwalk. By combining the two, you can have a roundtrip ride of twelve miles.

The Sumner River Trail begins at parking lot adjacent to the recycling center and sewage treatment plant. A short leg takes you under the freeway and back along the banks on the White. You soon reach the fork where the White enters the Puyallup, and can climb down the steep sand bank right to water's edge. The rest of the trail follows the Puyallup River upstream to the bridge at Traffic Avenue. Crosswalks and a sidewalk on the bridge make connecting with the Puyallup Riverwalk easy.

Free parking is available the the Sumner Recycling Center and Sewage Treatment Plant.

Two trikes fit nicely in the back of the Outback, ready for the ride home.